Was drywall used in the 40s?

Was drywall used in the 40s?

Drywall was invented in 1916. Drywall didn’t catch on right away, but in the 1940s, sales grew rapidly thanks to the baby boom.

What were walls made of in the 1940s?

From the 1700s all the way through the 1940s, lath and plaster was the interior wall construction method of choice. Builders nailed thin, closely spaced strips of wood (lath) to wall studs and then smoothed multiple coatings of plaster over the lath to form flat wall surfaces.

When was gypsum board first used?

3700 B.C.
The first evidence of the use of gypsum in building construction appears to have occurred in 3700 B.C., when the Egyptians used gypsum blocks and plaster applied over woven straw lath in the building of the pyramid of Choeps.

What type of drywall was used in the 1950s?

It’s called “gypsum lath”, and was basically 2′ wide pieces of drywall that had two coats of plaster on top.

What was the name of the company that made gypsum?

The gypsum board continued to evolve. In 1910, the process for wrapping the edges of the board was created, and the two inner layers of felt paper were also eliminated to replace it with paper-based covering. That same year, the United States Gypsum Corporation bought Sackett Plaster Board Company.

What kind of wall is gypsum board used for?

Gypsum board, also known as drywall or wallboard, is a type of sheathing used for interior walls and ceilings. Since the mid-1940s, it has been the primary wall construction in most houses. Vertical wooden pieces frame a room providing support for the sheets of wallboard.

When did they remove gypsum board from buildings?

An ongoing demolition project ca 2012-2014 has removed the brick veneer from several of these buildings, leaving the gypsum-board sheathing exposed to the weather.

When did gypsum buy Sacket plaster board company?

The U.S. Gypsum (USG ®) company purchased the Sacket Plaster Board company in 1909. Just a few years later in 1916 USG invented a product they called Sheetrock®. Most builders however were slow to use the new material. Plaster had been around for millenniums. What would influence builders to make the change to drywall?

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