Is Superman Prime stronger than Darkseid?

Is Superman Prime stronger than Darkseid?

Virtually every time he has defeated Darkseid, he had to take a sun dip before or during the battle to win. Superman was completely fair when he beat Darkseid’s face to a pulp rendering his beams useless. Thus, it’s safe to say that given a sunbath, Superman is stronger than Darkseid and can defeat him.

Can Galactus beat Superman Prime million?

Galactus wins. Superman Prime isn’t all powerful like people claim. He’s many thousands of times stronger than the main timeline Superman, but he’s not the in same league as Galactus. Galactus has destroyed galaxies as the side effect of his battle with a similarly powerful Tyrant.

Is Darkseid more powerful than Galactus?

Galactus is a being capable of bringing down entire worlds with his own power, with entire armies of heroes being forced into battle against him just to stall his destructive hunger. Darkseid, meanwhile, is indeed a singularly powerful being, but he has been countered by the likes of Superman and Orion before.

Is Superman prime one million the strongest Superman?

Superman Prime (DC One Million) is the ultimate version of Superman. He has been alive for around 85,000 years and has become the living extension of the Sun and the most powerful iteration of the Superman character ever. On top of that, he has become one of the most powerful superheroes in the history of DC Comics.

What’s the difference between Galactus and Superman one million?

Galactus is a Cosmic Entity, whereas Superman one million is merely a suped-up alien.

Which is the most powerful version of Superman?

(Not to be confused with Superman-Prime, yes a hyphen makes a world of difference – we’ll explain later.) Superman Prime (One Million) is arguably one of the most powerful versions of Superman to have ever existed (canon or not).

Is it possible for Superman to kill Galactus?

He could kill Galactus. Actually, the Superman dynasty only (!) picked up Super ESP, Telepathy, Force Vision, Electromagnetic Manipulation, plus an additional 10 sensory powers from the mingling of 5-D DNA to the Superman bloodline. Besides, all Galactus has to do is remove the solar radiation from Supes. SMPOM doesn’t really have any feats.

What was the real name of Superman Prime?

Superman Prime (One Million) is also not to be confused with the canon character Superman-Prime aka Superboy-Prime (whose real name is Clark Kent) hailed from a Pre-Crisis reality (Earth-Prime) where superheroes didn’t exist and were just comic book characters.

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