Is the Rifle Spear any good in Bloodborne?

Is the Rifle Spear any good in Bloodborne?

Despite the description stating that the Rifle Spear “lacks any notable functions,” it’s actually one of the best weapons in Bloodborne. It has a series of very long range attacks that are quick and deal great damage. Many of them are thrust-type, but it has normal physical strikes as well.

Is Rifle Spear better than saw Cleaver?

The Saw Spear is considered by most players to be the superior version of the Saw Cleaver. It is made an even more tempting weapon since it can be acquired within the first half-hour of the game. The major differences between these two very similar weapons are: The Cleaver has slightly higher base damage.

Is the Rifle Spear a skill weapon?

Rifle Spear is a Trick Weapon in Bloodborne; it’s one of three skill-based “firearm” weapons.

Is the stake driver good in Bloodborne?

The Stake Driver, though it may be short, is definitely on the faster side of weapons. It is a good weapon for “quality” builds as it has good scaling on both Strength and Skill. The strong attack fires the stake of the weapon forward, effectively being a transformation attack.

Is saw Cleaver faster than saw Spear?

Basically, the only difference is that the spear scales better with skill, and the cleaver scales better with strength. Other than that, they have a slightly different moveset when transformed, which comes down to personal preference.

Is strength or skill better for saw Cleaver?

However, the Saw Cleaver scales more with Strength. Additionally, while in its untransformed state the Saw Cleaver deals Serration damage, which deals an additional 20% damage against beast enemies. The transformation attacks in both modes are arguably one of the Saw Cleaver’s greatest strengths.

Can the Rifle Spear be buffed?

The Rifle Spear is one of only 3 weapons that transform into firearms. Unfortunately, this weapon can neither be buffed through the use of Bolt/Fire Papers, and not when transformed into a rifle with Bone Marrow Ash.

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