Can you stack coil springs?

Can you stack coil springs?

One is called Stacked springs because all you are doing is stacking two springs in series, with the same or different rates, to achieve a longer spring that is softer rate than either of the springs used….Stacking Spring Equation:

Top Spring Rate x Bottom Spring Rate = RATE
Top Spring Rate + Bottom Spring Rate

What is the purpose of a spring smasher?

When the car is jacked up the load from the spring will load the stick making the load cell read a rate from the spring at that height. This allows you to change springs and go back to a point (ride height) with the same load.

How do dual spring shocks work?

In a Dual Spring (not dual rate) system ( picture 2 ) you have two springs on your shock that are separated by a plastic or nylon spring divider. The divider is designed to keep the springs in line as well as act as a bushing for the shock and keep the springs from rubbing on the shock body.

What’s the advantage of a stacked spring coilover?

Typical stacked spring on a coilover setup. By picking and choosing the two springs in the assembly, we can give you a fairly broad range of spring rates and rate combinations. The advantage of the adjustable locking ring is that it lets you select where in the shock’s displacement you want the transition to take place.

What does spring stacking do on Late Model Cars?

Spring Stacking on a Late Model Right Front. The spring stacking on the right front is done to get the car, and keep the car, at a particular ride height all the way around the track. There are a couple of things going on here. First, having a very soft spring on the right front will get the car to your race ride height faster.

How does the rate of a stacked spring work?

Once this happens, any additional deflection is only moving one spring, so the effective spring rate increases to the active spring’s rate. Typical stacked spring on a coilover setup.

How big is the Second Spring on a dirt late?

Dirt late models will typically add a 4˝ x 400#/in. to 600#/in. second spring for left rear applications. Set ride heights with the dual lock nuts not touching the slider / spring spacer. Adjust the dual lock nuts to just contact the slider / spring spacer after the ride heights have been set.

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