Who owns Dematic?

Who owns Dematic?

KION Group
Dematic GmbH
Dematic/Parent organizations

Is Kion a publicly traded company?

Kion Group AG (styled as KION Group) is a German multinational manufacturer of materials handling equipment, with its headquarters in Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany….KION Group.

Type Aktiengesellschaft
Traded as FWB: KGX
Founded 2006
Headquarters Frankfurt , Germany

Does Sling have a stock symbol?

8285.HK – Sling Group Holdings Limited.

How many employees does Dematic?


Industry Material handling, Logistics automation, Software
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia United States
Area served Worldwide
Key people Hasan Dandashly (President & CEO)
Number of employees more than 6,000 worldwide

Where can I find Dematic Global Investor Relations?

Investor Relations. As Dematic has become part of the KION Group, all investor related questions and concerns will be addressed by KION’s Investor Relations. Please click the link below to be redirected to the KION Group’s corporate website. From here you’ll find KION investor materials, insights and contacts.

What is the history of the company Dematic?

History. Dematic began in 1819 in Wetter, Germany with the founding of Mechanische Werkstätten Harkort & Co. , which was incorporated 1910 by Deutsche Maschinenbau-Aktiengesellschaft (Demag) and 1973 by Mannesmann. After the acquisition of U.S. Rapistan (specialised in conveyor systems), Mannesmann DEMAG Fördertechnik AG was established.

What does Dematic do in the supply chain?

Dematic is optimising your supply chain with technologies that are transforming your industry. Dematic solutions optimise material and information flow within factories, warehouses, and distribution centres to ensure operational success. Dematic has a robust selection of quality product options to deliver the ideal solution for your facility.

When was HK Systems acquired by Dematic Group?

On September 15, 2010, Dematic Group successfully completed the acquisition of HK Systems, a North American automated material handling and software provider.

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