Where was the tornado outbreak on November 17, 2013?

Where was the tornado outbreak on November 17, 2013?

By around 1730 UTC on November 17, the system associated with the tornado outbreak had become centered near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

When did severe weather start on November 17?

Based on computer models, the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) began to assess the possibility of a widespread severe weather event for November 17 as early as November 12, though too much uncertainty existed at the time to delineate the probability and scale of the event.

Where was the strongest tornado in Illinois in November?

A neighborhood in Washington destroyed by the EF4 tornado. Tracking 46.36 mi (74.61 km) across four counties in Illinois, the EF4 tornado that caused major damage in Washington, Illinois was the strongest tornado documented in the state for the month of November since reliable records began in 1950.

What was the weather like on November 16?

On November 16 at around 0700 UTC, the SPC upgraded their maximum convective outlook for the following day to a “moderate” for areas of the Ohio River Valley and the Great Lakes region on the basis of destabilizing atmospheric conditions, favorable wind shear, and an approaching shortwave trough.

When was the most recent tornado outbreak in Illinois?

The tornado outbreak of November 17, 2013, was the deadliest and costliest in the U.S. state of Illinois to occur in the month of November and fourth largest for the state overall. With more than 30 tornadoes in Indiana, it was that state’s largest tornado outbreak for the month of November,…

Where did the tornado outbreak happen in Ohio?

Despite the change in storm mode, additional strong tornadoes still occurred as far east as Western Ohio due to circulations embedded in the squall line. This trend in severe weather also took place in other areas as clusters of isolated supercells began to coalesce into singular lines of storms.

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