What is the acronym of DOH?

What is the acronym of DOH?


Acronym Definition
DOH Deliriously Overcome with Hilarity (chat/internet)
DOH Department of Health (various locations)
DOH Directorate of Health (various locations)
DOH Department of Health

What are the credentials LPC?

LPC/LCPC/LPCC/LMHC: These acronyms stand for, respectively, licensed professional counselor, licensed clinical professional counselor, licensed professional clinical counselor, and licensed mental health counselor. These are all licensed by the state.

What is Licsw degree?

An LICSW is a licensed independent clinical social worker. To obtain this license, you must meet the minimum education level, which is a master’s degree in social work. Not all states offer this license.

What is the abbreviation for masters in human services?


Acronym Definition
MSHS Master of Science in Human Services
MSHS Master of Science Health Science (degree)
MSHS Minnesota State Horticultural Society
MSHS Merrimac State High School (Queensland, Australia)

What is the standard for a human services credential?

Certification also demonstrates commitment to the practice of human services and helps professionalize the field of human services. What is the experience standard? Starting in 2016, the standard was reduced to 350 hours of post degree experience regardless of degree level.

What is the Human Services Board Certified Practitioner credential?

“My employer trusted that I exceeded the standards of work in the human services field when I earned the HS-BCP credential.” What is the Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner credential?

What is the abbreviation for Department of Human Services?

Glossary of Human Services Terms and Acronyms January 2019 960 – Refers to the State Form Number 960 (SFN 960) for the reporting of suspected child abuse or neglect. AASK – Adults Adopting Special Kids is a collaboration involving the Department’s Children and Family Services Division, Catholic Charities North Dakota, and PATH ND.

What does AHS stand for in Human Services?

AHS = Associate in Human Services degree AHSA = Association of Humes and Services for the Aging AIDS = Acquired Immune Deficiencency Syndrome ALA = American Lung Association ALC = Alternative Learning Center (BOCES) AMH = Associate in Mental Health degree AMHCA = American Mental Health Counselors Association

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