How many times have the Chiefs beat the Chargers in a row?

How many times have the Chiefs beat the Chargers in a row?

This holds true as of the end of the 2020 season….Chargers–Chiefs rivalry.

All-time series Chiefs, 64–57–1
Postseason results Chargers, 1–0 January 2, 1993: Chargers 17, Chiefs 0
Largest victory Chargers, 31–0 (2010); Chiefs, 49–6 (1964)
Longest win streak Chargers, 6 (1979–81); Chiefs, 9 (2014–18)

What teams did the Kansas City Chiefs lose to?

They went on to lose to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl, becoming the first team since the 2017 New England Patriots to win a Super Bowl but lose the following one the next season.

Who won the game between San Diego and Kansas City?

Chargers beat playoff-bound Chiefs 38-21 as KC rests stars.

Who wins the AFC West?

Denver Broncos – AFC West Win Total Futures Following their 24–10 Super Bowl 50 win, against Carolina, Denver has posted a losing record during four of the last five seasons.

How many sacks did chiefs have against Chargers?


Yards per pass 6.7 6.5
Interceptions thrown 2 0
Sacks-Yards Lost 5-25 2-9
Rushing 119 60

How did the Chiefs lose to the Chargers?

The Kansas City Chiefs finished the 2020 regular season with a 14-2 record after losing to the Los Angeles Chargers, 38-21. 2-7 seeds battle to join the Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round on January 16-17. The Chiefs’ potential opponents in the Divisional Round are the No.

When’s the last time Kansas City won a Superbowl?

202031-20 – San Francisco 49ers
197023-7 – Minnesota Vikings
Kansas City Chiefs/NFL championships

Did Chiefs get a sack yesterday?

Kansas City defensive tackle Chris Jones overpowers the Ravens offensive line, getting a sack in a league-record ninth straight game.

How many years in a row have the Chiefs won the AFC West?

five straight times
The Kansas City Chiefs have won the AFC West five straight times, but that’s not what the team is focused on the most.

Who has won the AFC West the most?

AFC West

No. of teams 4
Most recent champion(s) Kansas City Chiefs (13th title)
Most titles Denver Broncos (15 titles) Las Vegas Raiders (15 titles) Los Angeles Chargers (15 titles)

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