Why did Guy and Ralna get a divorce?

Why did Guy and Ralna get a divorce?

In an interview, Ralna English stated that her marriage to Guy Hovis ended because, although the two were passionately in love, they never really liked each other. After Lott retired, Hovis and English reunited to perform several concerts.

Are Guy Hovis and Ralna English still married?

English and Hovis divorced in 1984 but have continued to perform together in concert venues. They are the parents of a daughter Julie (born 1977).

Who did Guy Hovis marry?

Sarah Lundym. 2002
Ralna Englishm. 1969–1984
Guy Hovis/Spouse

How old is Ralna English?

79 years (June 19, 1942)
Ralna English/Age

Where is Tom Netherton buried?

Thomas Harold “Tom” Netherton Jr.

Birth 11 Jan 1947 Munich (München), Stadtkreis München, Bavaria (Bayern), Germany
Death 7 Jan 2018 (aged 70) Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA
Burial Fort Snelling National Cemetery Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA

When did Guy and Ralna break up?

Sadly, in 1978, following the birth of their daughter Julie, Guy & Ralna legally separated.

What happened to Guy Hovis?

Hovis currently lives in Jackson, Mississippi, and still does some recording (“Guy Hovis: Bio.”). He also works on his farm in Tupelo (“Guy Hovis: Bio.”). Guy still performs two times a year at the Lawrence Welk Theater in Branson, Missouri. He also does concerts for festivals and churches ( “Guy’s Life”).

Did ralna remarry?

For Texas native English, who has not remarried, that means a home in Scottsdale where she has lived since 1997. English and Hovis have a daughter, Julie, 37. “Guy and I were married on January 25, 1969, and I started on the ‘Welk Show’ in April 1969. I was madly in love with Guy.

What is Cissy King doing now?

Today, King lives in Albuquerque, where she continues to dance, and is active in creating new shows in major venues across her home state.

Who are the members of Guy and Ralna?

The act consists of Guy Hovis and Ralna English, who married in early 1969 and made their Welk debut on his Christmas show the same year. English had been a solo performer on the show for a few months, having already joined in mid-1969. They specialize in country, gospel, big band and popular music .

Who is Ralna on the Lawrence Welk show?

Dynamic and multi-talented, Ralna English is known by fans as one-half of the popular husband-and-wife singing act of “Guy & Ralna”, on the long-running, The Lawrence Welk Show (1955) (aka “The Lawrence Welk Show”). Born and raised around Lubbock, Texas.

How did Guy Hovis meet his wife Ralna?

Guy met another talented singer at The Horn, Texas native Ralna English, who would become his wife. Ralna became a regular on the Lawrence Welk Television Show in 1969, and later that year, when Guy sang a duet with her on the annual Christmas show, Mr. Welk got so much mail that he knew he had something special.

Where did Ralna English meet her future husband?

Moving out to Southern California in the late sixties, she did commercial jingles as well as night club acts at Lake Tahoe, Caesar’s Palace and at “The Horn” in Santa Monica. It was there where she met her future husband Guy Hovis, whom she married in early 1969.

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