Does Kotor iOS support controller?

Does Kotor iOS support controller?

A: Yes! The iOS version of KOTOR II supports bluetooth controllers. Due to the large number of brands and models, some controllers may not be fully mapped and will require touch input for certain in-game actions.

Is KOTOR canon?

For most fans, the Star Wars films and TV shows are what matter most. And then, perhaps the most dedicated, are the fans of Knights of the Old Republic, a video game saga better known as KOTOR. It’s an aspect of distant Star Wars history that is mostly non-canon that remains very much beloved.

Do you play as Revan in KOTOR?

In celebration of KotOR’s 15th anniversary, Electronic Arts added the Jedi Knight variant of Revan to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes as a playable character on October 18, 2018.

Can you use controller for Kotor?

KOTOR 2 on Steam now supports controllers, widescreen resolutions, 5K resolution—that’s 5120×2880—and Steam Cloud saves, meaning you’ll be able to access your saves from any Steam-capable hardware.

Is there an app for Star Wars KOTOR?

Star Wars™: KOTOR on the App Store This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. 4000 years before the Galactic Empire, you must lead a party of heroes and villains in an epic struggle to save the galaxy.

Is there going to be an iPad Air 4?

The iPad Air 4 (2020) doesn’t bring anything revolutionary to Apple’s tablet range, but a lot of the features that were previously exclusive to the iPad Pro have trickled down to this far more affordable, and therefore more attractive, device,

Is the iPad Air still the best tablet?

So, yes, it’s still very much the premium-priced choice, just as it’s always been. However, the market continues to shift, offering more and increasingly sophisticated alternatives at far cheaper prices, tablets like the Kindle Fire HDX and Google Nexus 10.

Are there any downsides to the iPad Air?

This iPad Air (2020) review will explain how the tablets only real downsides are comparative issues you might not notice otherwise. Its screen is bright and colorful, but competitors shine brighter and produce more color. Oh and its long battery life is outpaced by two of its competitors — which include the normal iPad.

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