How many heritage hotels are in NZ?

How many heritage hotels are in NZ?

Heritage welcomes you to explore our range of exceptional accommodation across three brands in fourteen desirable destinations around New Zealand.

How many hotel beds are there in Auckland?

NZ hotels record solid year in 2019

Region 2019 occupancy No. of rooms
Auckland 82% 9126
Central Park 69% 712
Christchurch 76% 2848
Dunedin 68% 588

How many heritage hotels are there?

The Government of India recognised Heritage Hotels as a separate category in January 1991 and categorised the Heritage Hotels in three categories viz. “Heritage”, “Heritage Classic” and “Heritage Grand”.

What are heritage hotels?

Heritage hotels are structures or locations that hold historical or cultural significance of the place in which they are found. Maybe they were built centuries ago and are still standing or maybe they were once a temple or castle, converted into a friendly and wondrous place for guests to vacation.

Is there a heritage hotel in Auckland New Zealand?

Heritage Auckland. Whether it be for one night or an extended stay, every guest needs a home away from home. Heritage Auckland provides that and much more. Set within one of the city’s most recognisable historic landmark buildings, the iconic Farmers department store building, it’s an Auckland hotel accommodation experience without peer.

Which is the best hotel to stay in in Auckland?

Choose from two distinctive wings; The Hotel wing honours the building’s heritage by maintaining a traditional art deco style, while the Tower wing’s contemporary design best fits the practical demands of the modern traveller. The Hotel Room offers convenience for the short term or overnight traveller.

How big is the Superior Hotel in Auckland?

High ceilings, original jarrah columns and native timber floors capture the charm and character of the original 1920s building. Within easy walking distance of the city’s many attractions. The spacious 34 square metre Superior Room offers space and convenience for the short term or overnight traveller.

What to do on rooftop of Auckland City Hotel?

At the end of the day, we all need to unwind, and the hotel features an outdoor rooftop swimming pool, gym and a floodlit tennis court with racquets and balls available for hire.

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