Are belly bands good holsters?

Are belly bands good holsters?

As you can see, if it is designed properly, there are many benefits to using a belly band holster. The design is very practical and useful. A carefully engineered belly band can be effectively used by both men and women. It can be comfortable while at the same time securing the gun and safeguarding discretion.

What is a belly band for concealed carry?

A belly band holster is a method of concealed carry that wraps around your midsection and allows lightweight clothing to conceal smaller firearms. Belly band holsters are great for use when clothing options are limited or are lightweight by necessity.

How do belly band holsters work?

Belly Band Holsters use elastic or neoprene that wraps around your torso and allows you to carry without tucking a gun into your pants while keeping it pulled tight to your body. They work great for guns in the Compact and Subcompact size range but they’ll struggle to carry full size pistols.

Can you customize a belly band gun holster?

As a modular system, you can customize the belly band to whichever configuration makes you the most comfortable. Apart from our top-selling belly band package, we also sell the belly band, the holster, and the mag carrier separately in case you only needed one or two of the options that we have available.

Which is the best holster for your belly?

The Original Defender is a quality, no-frills belly band holster which holds your gun and an extra magazine. While you it is not recommended for different positions around your torso, it is a great belt for around the belly. You can rotate the belt around your waist to achieve your desired placement for your weapon.

What does a dragon belly holster look like?

Dragon Belly Holster is the most sticky and concealed holster, it’s a strictly tightened plastic band covering your belly, hip or chest or wherever you want. It spreads the guns’ weight so ladies and gents can carry it without feeling heavy or uncormfortable. Many people love using leather holster simply because it “looks great”.

Which is the best holster for concealed carry?

A belly band holster is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to use deep concealment with a pistol or revolver. While many people who concealed carry use a typical hip holster, a belly band holster can actually be a preferable option due to their improved concealment factor and support for a wide variety of pistols with a single holster.

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