Can you move with Fheps?

Can you move with Fheps?

FHEPS can be used to remain in your home, to move within New York City, or to move out of shelter if you have already lost your home. If you qualify for FHEPS, part of your rent is covered by a FHEPS supplement paid directly to your landlord.

How do I get FEPS program?

Potentially eligible families in the community can apply for FHEPS at an HRA Job Center or begin the process by submitting a special grant request on ACCESS HRA, if the family is already in receipt of Cash Assistance.

Where can CityFHEPS be used?

You can use CityFHEPS to rent an entire apartment, a single room in an apartment, or a single room occupancy (SRO) unit. Any housing must be in the five (5) boroughs of New York City. SRO units are only available for households with one adult. The maximum rent that CityFHEPS will allow is $1,424 per month.

Can you use Cityfeps in New Jersey?

No. SOTA can only be used for apartments. Shelter staff will need to conduct a walkthrough of the apartment as they do under CITYFEPS within New York City limits and neighboring New York State and New Jersey counties.

What do you need to know about the FEPs program?

FEPS guarantees you the rent that you are owed, provided it is under $7,000, and lasts for five years. It also removes the burden of paying the rent from the tenant. That responsibility is handed over to a more accountable third party. Applicants must meet certain criteria to be eligible for the program.

Where do I go to apply for FEPS benefits?

To apply for FEPS benefits, a tenant must first get a referral from HRA, the Homeless Division Unit, or the Housing Court Liaison. The tenant will be directed to file an application through a community-based organization, which can vary from borough to borough.

Is there a FEPS program for landlords in NYC?

We saw this city program in a few stories that we were researching and decided that it would be worthwhile simply to see what the program does and to whom it applies. Here is our breakdown of the program.

Is the City of New York still running FEPS?

FEPS is no longer run by the City of New York, but those who previously qualified for FEPS should now qualify for FHEPS. You can find additional information about FHEPS here. SEPS is no longer run by the City of New York, but those who previously qualified for SEPS should now qualify for CityFHEPS.

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