Do NBA rookies get hazed?

Do NBA rookies get hazed?

Rookies have to earn their place, right? Of course, given its long history, the NBA is littered with hazing stories and traditions. No one is exempted from getting the rookie treatment: LeBron James and Magic Johnson have opened up about how they were treated over the course of their first years.

What is rookie hazing?

Rookies weren’t always made to dress like cheerleaders, of course. Like any facet of the sport’s unwritten rules, the practice had evolved over time. Once, rookie hazing consisted mainly of failing to acknowledge a greenhorn player, sometimes to a nearly complete degree.

Why do rookies get hazed?

One of the first and most common hazing experiences a rookie encounters around this time of year is intended to strip away any remaining ego you may have held onto from the star-studded college days. What better way to do that than to attack one of the most identifiable visual elements of our character—our hair?

Did Kobe get hazed as a rookie?

Ex-Lakers Star Kobe Bryant Got Hazed By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar! Kobe Bryant didn’t have to go through the regular NBA hazing rituals when he was a rookie — in fact a bunch of retired Lakers GREATS came out to initiate the Mamba including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar so says Cedric Ceballos.

Did Shaq get hazed?

Apparently, NBA legend and Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal never had to go through the dreaded rookie hazing. During his rookie season with the Orlando Magic, Shaq was asked by Scott Skiles to carry his bags as part of his rookie hazing in the NBA. However, O’Neal — who was the No.

How much did Shaq weigh when he was drafted?

When the Orlando Magic drafted the 1992 NBA Draft for Shaquille O’Neal, nothing seemed like the big, snarling bruiser of the day. The giant came to the NBA with a weight of less than 300lb, 294lb (147kg) for the exact weight, and it appeared natural, even skinny.

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