How long does Nebraska Service Center take?

How long does Nebraska Service Center take?

USCIS Service Center Eligibility Reason Estimated Processing Time
Nebraska Service Center Based on an approved asylum application 3 to 5 months
Based on a pending asylum application 3 to 5 months
Based on pending I-485 Adjustment of Status application 4 to 6 months
All other work authorization applications 4 to 6 months

Is USCIS Nebraska Service Center fast?

For I-130s for immediate relatives of U.S. citizens filed with the Nebraska Service Center, the average processing time is currently between 12.5 and 16 months.

What is NBC Service Center USCIS?

National Benefits Center (NBC) The NBC was created by USCIS in 2001. The NBC’s mission is to process applications that are to be sent to a local service center for interview. Each application (work authorization, travel document, spouse visa and green card application) is assigned a case number.

What is processing time for i130?

For immediate relatives (spouse, parent, or child) of a U.S. green card holder (legal permanent resident), processing times for Form I-130 currently vary between 13.5 and 19 months. For immediate relatives of a U.S. citizen, I-130 processing times currently average 15 to 20 months (as of June 7, 2021).

How can I contact a live representative at USCIS?

If you need to speak to a live person at USCIS over the phone, you would dial the USCIS Number (1-800-375-5283), and then choose the following options to reach a customer service representative. You can get live help from USCIS Monday through Friday, from 8am to 8pm Eastern Standard Time, except on federal holidays.

How to call USCIS?

which is 1-800-375-5283.

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  • Where are USCIS lockbox facilities?

    The USCIS Lockbox facilities located in Chicago, Illinois; Phoenix, Arizona; and Lewisville, Texas, are operated by a Department of Treasury designated financial agent.

    What is Potomac service center of USCIS?

    New Potomac Service Center. USCIS has confirmed that the Arlington , Virginia facility will now be used as a fifth agency service center. It will be called the Potomac Service Center (PSC). The Potomac Service Center will process applications and petitions to help balance workloads and add capacity.

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