Is William bad on Haven?

Is William bad on Haven?

William is “a mysterious stranger” whose secret agenda leads him to FBI agent-turned-cop Audrey Parker. His mission is to turn Audrey back into her own original self. He was the main antagonist of season 4.

Who played William on Haven?

Colin Ferguson
Colin Ferguson (born July 22, 1972) is a Canadian/American actor, director and producer….Television.

Year 2013–2015
Title Haven
Role William
Notes Recurring role (seasons 4–5)

Does William die on Haven?

The point of it was William’s sacrifice to let Nathan come back and face things. William can move on with his own life. He’s worked through his complicated relationship with Mara and Audrey, with Nathan.

What happened to Mara on Haven?

Her mission is to wreak Havoc on Haven once again and find a way to get William back. Mara originates from the Void. She was the main antagonist of season 5’s first half….

Status Deceased (merged into Audrey Parker)
Actor Emily Rose

Who is the no marks killer in Haven?

Croatoan is a mysterious word that Dave Teagues has seen in his visions. Croatoan is actually a creature that lives in the Void. Croatoan took over Charlotte’s husband, making the two one and the same….

Status Alive
Actor William Shatner TBA (voice)

Who is Audrey’s mother in heaven?

Charlotte Cross
Relationships Dwight Hendrickson (romantic interest) Mara (daughter)† Audrey Parker (daughter) Croatoan (husband) James Cogan (grandson) Arla Cogan (grandaughter-in-law)†
Appeared In 12 episodes
Status Deceased (killed by Dave possessed by Croatoan )
Actor Laura Mennell

Is Duke the Colorado Kid?

Duke was also the little boy in the ‘Colorado Kid’ picture. He and Nathan do not get along and he seems to have taken a liking to Audrey, to Nathan’s annoyance.

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