What is the difference between pedantic and didactic?

What is the difference between pedantic and didactic?

Didactic can have a neutral meaning of “designed or intended to teach people something,” but often didactic is used when the lesson being taught is annoying or unwanted—such as an attempt to school people on what’s proper or moral. ‘Pedantic’ describes a particular kind of annoying person.

Is being pedantic bad?

Being pedantic can be useful in the right circumstances. There’s nothing wrong with someone who pays attention to detail or knows a lot of information about a certain field. They can prevent embarrassing errors or help make important decisions.

What does pedantic mean in the English Dictionary?

If you think someone is pedantic, you mean that they are too concerned with unimportant details or traditional rules, especially in connection with academic subjects. His lecture was so pedantic and uninteresting. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers Collins! Collins! Collins English Dictionary.

Which is an example of a pedantic character?

In a literary work, a character that is pedantic might be someone who constantly corrects another’s grammar, is always ready with a new fact to make themselves sound smarter, or monitors events to make sure everything works out exactly as it’s supposed to.

Which is an example of a non-pedantic principle?

Summary information is provided without pedantic repetition and case studies are good examples of different issues. It seems to be associated with older or more pedantic or conservative speakers. At the risk of appearing pedantic, we now present a non-linguistic example of this principle.

Is the word pedantic used in old style syntax?

Professor Harris had a narrow, pedantic approach to history that put us to sleep. Of course, this is old-style syntax, and one must be pedantic about occurrences, especially repetitions of variables on the left. In truth, quibbles about the draining of a loch are only likely to arise from pedantic reviewers.

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