What is Alamofire?

What is Alamofire?

Alamofire is a Swift-based HTTP networking library for iOS and macOS. It provides an elegant interface on top of Apple’s Foundation networking stack that simplifies a number of common networking tasks.

What is the use of Alamofire in Swift?

Alamofire is an HTTP networking library written in Swift. Alamofire helps to improve the quality of code. It is a simpler way to consume REST services. Alamofire is the basic tool for hundreds of projects.

How do I get data on Alamofire?

Fetching data through Get request using Alamofire

  1. in.
  2. print(response.request)
  3. print(response.result)
  4. print(response.response)
  5. if let result = response.result.value{
  6. Print(result)
  7. }
  8. }

What is Alamofire Swift 5?

Alamofire is a Swift-based, HTTP networking library. It provides an elegant interface on top of Apple’s Foundation networking stack that simplifies common networking tasks. Its features include chainable request/response methods, JSON and Codable decoding, authentication and more.

Why is it called Alamofire?

Alamofire is named after the Alamo Fire flower, a hybrid variant of the Bluebonnet, the official state flower of Texas.

How do I install Alamofire?

Part 1: Installation

  1. We need to install the Alamofire Cocoapod.
  2. Navigate to your project directory and type pod init to create your podfile.
  3. Add the Alamofire pod to your podfile.
  4. Save your podfile and run pod install.
  5. Open the xcworkspace file and check that the Alamofire libraries are there.
  6. An Alamofire request.

Why do people use Alamofire?

Alamofire and URLSession both help you to make network requests in Swift. Many developers doubt whether it’s needed to include an extra dependency on something basic like networking in Swift. In the end, it’s perfectly doable to implement a networking layer with the great URLSession API’s which are available nowadays.

How do I import Alamofire?

How do I install SwiftyJSON?

Part 1: Installation

  1. We’re going to need the SwiftyJSON pod in order to use SwiftyJSON.
  2. Navigate to your project folder via Terminal and type pod Init.
  3. Open the podfile and add the SwiftyJSON pod.
  4. Run pod install and open the xcworkspace file.
  5. Open the xcworkspace project file.
  6. Here’s some sample JSON.

What is Swifty JSON?

SwiftyJSON is a super-simplified JSON parsing library that gives you clearer syntax than the built-in iOS libraries (yes, even more than JSONEncoder from Codable ), and is free. To use SwiftyJSON, you need to convert your JSON string into a Data object, then send it in for parsing.

Do people still use Alamofire?

Although the URLSession APIs are pretty good nowadays, Alamofire is still very popular (30k stars on Github).

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