Where is the Lapua ammunition factory in Finland?

Where is the Lapua ammunition factory in Finland?

The Lapua cartridge factory was established in 1923 in Finland. From a modest and practical beginning, Lapua has grown into one of the most respected brands in the industry. Lapua´s world famous quality comes partly from decades of experience, infallible raw material and a well-managed manufacturing process.

How big is the lapua.22 shooting range?

Many international top shooters and world champions have already tested our facilities, and they are highly satisfied with the results. The Lapua .22 Service Center has a 50m shooting range, completely equipped with digital measurement and several kinds of benches.

Who is the best rimfire test shooter in Lapua?

An accommodation can be arranged close to the shooting range, interesting cultural and leisure programs also available. Lapua factory test shooter Olli Punkari hosts the 50m range midtown Lapua. The true professional Roy Skogly will not only find you the best gun-ammo combination, but also tune your rifle to top notch condition.

Where is the Lapua rimfire Performance Center located?

We opened the Lapua Rimfire Performance Center East at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio, USA in 2020. This new rimfire testing center has all the same testing capabilities of our Mesa location, at a more convenient location for our East Coast based customers.

Where do I find the Lapua club code?

To be able to join Lapua Club, you need to buy a Lapua product with the Lapua Club logo printed on the package. Next, scan or type the code that you can find on the inside flap of your Lapua product package (centerfire cartridges) or on the separate Club-card in the Lapua component box or 500 pcs rimfire box.

Where can I download the Lapua press materials?

For the zip file to work properly, download it to the root of the Local Disc (C:) on your computer, file path C:\\QTU. After download, start the program by clicking the QuickTarget Lapua Edition icon. For the complete set of Lapua press materials, please visit our Lapua media bank.

Who are the team members of team Lapua?

Team Lapua is a group of accomplished top match shooters from around the world. Team Lapua consists of national champions, European champions, NRA champions, World champions and Olympic medalists. Our sponsored Lapua team members compete in various rifle and pistol disciplines.

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