What is the next step after clearing UGC NET?

What is the next step after clearing UGC NET?

Candidates can pursue research after qualifying NET-JRF After qualifying for NET-JRF, candidates can pursue research in their respective postgraduate disciplines. They choose universities/colleges from NET Coordinating Institutes and enroll themselves for pursuing PhD at different universities/institutes and IIMs.

What happens if I clear NET exam?

Once you clear UGC NET JRF, you can apply for Junior Research Fellowship if you wish to pursue higher studies like M. Phil. or Ph. D. While doing your research work and studies, you get the JRF scholarship amount of INR 31,000 (for the initial 2 years) and INR 35,000 (for remaining tenure).

What happens after qualifying NET?

Candidates who qualify for JRF have the option to pursue research in their respective postgraduate subject and can choose the universities and/or colleges amongst the NET coordinating institutes. After qualifying NET-JRF and enrolling in a PhD course, the candidate is awarded a fellowship for five years.

Can I become a professor after clearing NET?

NET is no longer compulsory to become a professor, thanks to team Smriti Irani. To become eligible for appointment as assistant professors in colleges and universities, clearing the the National Eligibility Test (NET) was compulsory all this while.

What can I do after clearing UGC NET exam?

There are various opportunities you can get after clearing UGC NET exam. Candidates who qualify for UGC NET become eligible for Assistant Professor or Junior Research Fellowship. Below we are sharing few best benefits you can get after passing the UGC NET exam.

What’s the next step after clearing net or set?

For which you need to follow certain basic steps: Shortlist few Universities/Institutions according to your preference. Keep a check on their website in order to be aware when the vacancies are rolled out. When the vacancies are rolled out, apply for the same. Now there are a few things which you must be aware of.

What kind of job can I get after clearing net?

Clearing NET merely makes you eligible to apply for faculty positions. It does not guarantee that you will get a job. In order to get a faculty job these days, you must have a research qualification, M.Phil/ PhD. You must have research papers in good journals. You must have attended conferences and workshops.

What can I do after clearing UGC NET JRF?

If you dream about going into lectureship, you can fulfil your dream by applying in any of the UGC approved top universities for the post of assistant professor. This is one of the most respectable jobs and you get to teach undergraduates or professional students depending on your position and skills.

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