How is Theon described in the books?

How is Theon described in the books?

Theon Greyjoy is described as being an arrogant nineteen-year-old at the start of A Game of Thrones, with dark hair and a cocky grin. His hair is white, he is thin and malnourished, and he has lost several fingers, toes, and teeth. Some think he is mad and he seems brainwashed as he struggles with his identity.

Does Theon become reek in the books?

Theon’s torture and mutilation at the hands of Ramsay Snow happens almost entirely offstage and is only suggested until he reappears in book five, at that point so beaten down and disfigured that no one recognizes him, especially since he is now going by the name Reek.

What happened to Theon Greyjoy in the book?

Theon defends Bran against the undead until he is the last survivor, but the Night King arrives. Bran thanks Theon, and Theon charges at the Night King, but is killed after the Night King impales him with his own spear. In the aftermath of the Long Night, Theon is cremated along with those slain in battle.

Did Yara and Theon sleep together?

Yara (Gemma Whelan) and Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) have emerged as major power players in Westeros — and, thankfully, they’re not even sleeping together. Yara became a great Ironborn ship captain, while Theon grew up behaving more like a Mainland lordling than a reaver.

Does Theon Love Sansa?

Theon used to daydream about marrying Sansa and becoming part of the Stark family. This had more to do with being accepted than any feelings for Sansa (who was way too young for him to be in love with). When he’s in the crypts with Lady Dustin, he admits he wanted to be a Stark.

Who is Asha in Game of Thrones?

Asha Greyjoy is a member of House Greyjoy and is the daughter of Lord Balon Greyjoy by his wife, Alannys Harlaw. She becomes a POV character in A Feast For Crows. In the television adaptation Game of Thrones she is named Yara Greyjoy to avoid confusion with the wildling Osha, and she is played by Gemma Whelan.

Who is Reek in Game of Thrones?

Alfie Allen as Theon Greyjoy, aka Reek, in “Game of Thrones.”. He insists he smells nothing like his character on the show. Poor Alfie Allen. The Game of Thrones star could once proudly say he played Theon Greyjoy in the hit HBO show but after being rather unceremoniously renamed by twisted Ramsay Bolton , he is now simply known as “Reek.”.

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