How long do Volkswagen CC Sport last?

How long do Volkswagen CC Sport last?

So if you have one, or are contemplating getting one it may be a good idea to have it replaced around 90,000 miles just to be safe. It will save you a lot of money and headache in the long run. (It also happened with my sisters vw at around 90,000 miles.) Bought the car brand new back in 2013.

What is Volkswagen CC Sport?

The Volkswagen CC Sport is worth a look; this midsize four-door sedan features the sleek styling and sloped roof line of a coupe, but offers seating for up to five passengers on the 2013 model year and beyond. Built on the same wheelbase as the VW Passat, the CC was introduced for the 2009 model year.

Which Volkswagen has backup camera?

Volkswagen OEM Rear View Camera Kits

  • Beetle.
  • CC (2007-2015)
  • EOS (2007-2015)
  • Golf/GTI/R (2015+)
  • Golf/GTI/R/Rabbit (2006-2014)
  • Jetta/GLI.
  • Passat (2006-2010)
  • Passat (2011-2015)

What kind of car is the 2012 VW CC?

Designed to compete with “four-door coupes” like the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class and corporate stablemate Audi A7, except at a middle-management price point, the 2012 Volkswagen CC is a stylish, sporty, four-passenger version of the European-market Passat.

What kind of features does a Volkswagen CC sport have?

Base CC Sport models are well-equipped with 17-inch wheels, rain-sensing wipers, automatic climate control, heated and powered front seats, a touch-screen audio system with eight speakers, Bluetooth, iPod connectivity, and leatherette seating.

Is the VW CC 2.0T a good car?

Volkswagen claims the effort makes the car even more elegant while adding some muscle to its stance. That’s a difficult combination to pull off when the original car’s soft, delicate look was its calling card. It’s still one of the prettiest sedans for the money, but the look has been somewhat commoditized.

What kind of wheels does a VW CC have?

The CC’s good looks change slightly depending on trim level. The CC Sport gets 10-spoke, 17-inch wheels, while the R-Line gets 18-inch wheels that are shared with the CC Lux. The CC Executive gets unique 18-inch turbine-blade wheels. The Volkswagen CC gets its standard walnut wood trim replaced with sustainable dark-colored wood options for 2012.

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