How much is an edition 1 Pikachu worth?

How much is an edition 1 Pikachu worth?

Pikachu 1st Edition-Red Cheeks Price

Price $8,500.00 USD
All Time Low $199.99 USD
Yearly High $10,600.00 USD
Yearly Low $5,361.00 USD
Yearly change 309.64%

Are Pokemon 1 edition cards worth anything?

In the present day, the first edition card is still extremely valuable and was the tenth card in the set. There are currently 80 PSA 10 graded copies of the Mewtwo card, and they’ll easily sell within the five-figure range. The most powerful of the original Pokémon, only the cards saw above tend to be as valuable.

How much is a first edition electrode Pokemon card worth?


Grade Most Recent Price Population
GEM – MT 10 $918.00 103
MINT 9 $137.50 507
NM – MT 8 $72.00 245
NM 7 $61.00 91

Do they still print 1st Edition Pokemon?

1st Edition cards are typically only available in booster packs for a limited period after the initial release of a particular Expansion, and are then replaced by an Unlimited Edition until the printing of that set ceases.

Are 1st Edition Pokemon cards a good investment?

1st Edition cards are pretty self-explanatory – these were among the first wave ever printed and distributed, and as a result, carry the highest collector value. 1st Edition Base Set cards tend to fetch values ranging from $250 to $24,000, with the median hovering around a few hundred bucks.

How much is a 1995 electrode worth?

Electrode 1995 Topsun Value: $4.00 – $303.90 | MAVIN.

How to tell a 1st edition Pokemon card?

A 1st Edition card can be distinguished from an unlimited card by the small black-and-white stamp that says “Edition 1” on the left below the character box on the card front.

Which is the first edition of Pokemon unlimited?

Finally, there’s Unlimited, which features a bolder font, a drop shadow and are also devoid of 1 st Edition stamps. Regardless of 1st Edition, Shadowless or Unlimited, examples from that first year, 1999, are generally more sought after than later series.

Do you have to hit play on listenonrepeat?

The ListenOnRepeat community was created with a simple, yet powerful vision: you should only have to hit play once to loop YouTube videos.

Which is the first Secret Rare card in Pokemon?

“Dark Raichu was the first secret rare card ever featured in a Pokémon set,” said Pratte. “It should have a lower pull rate than a standard holographic card.” Brennesholtz agrees.

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