What is if/then else statement in VB?

What is if/then else statement in VB?

Else statement is encountered, condition is tested. If condition is True , the statements following Then are executed. If condition is False , each ElseIf statement (if there are any) is evaluated in order. When a True elseifcondition is found, the statements immediately following the associated ElseIf are executed.

How do you write if else in Visual Basic?

If the condition evaluates to true, then the block of code inside the If statement will be executed. If condition evaluates to false, then the first set of code after the end of the If statement (after the closing End If) will be executed.

What is the purpose of the If-Then-Else statement?

The if-then-else statement provides a secondary path of execution when an “if” clause evaluates to false .

What is looping statement in VB?

Visual Basic loop structures allow you to run one or more lines of code repetitively. You can repeat the statements in a loop structure until a condition is True , until a condition is False , a specified number of times, or once for each element in a collection.

Can you have two ELSE statements?

You can have as many else if statements as necessary. In the case of many else if statements, the switch statement might be preferred for readability. As an example of multiple else if statements, we can create a grading app that will output a letter grade based on a score out of 100.

When a condition in an IF-THEN statement is true?

Summary: A conditional statement, symbolized by p q, is an if-then statement in which p is a hypothesis and q is a conclusion. The conditional is defined to be true unless a true hypothesis leads to a false conclusion.

What does IF THEN ELSE mean?

Definition of: if-then-else. if-then-else. A high-level programming language statement that compares two or more sets of data and tests the results. If the results are true, the THEN instructions are taken; if not, the ELSE instructions are taken.

What is else if VBA?

VBA – If Elseif – Else statement. An If statement followed by one or more ElseIf statements that consists of boolean expressions and then followed by a default else statement, which executes when all the condition becomes false.

What is an else statement?

In programming languages, an else statement is an alternative statement that is executed if the result of a previous test condition evaluates to false.

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