How do you start an introduction for EPQ?

How do you start an introduction for EPQ?

Usually about 200-300 words, the introduction will basically talk about what’s to come in your EPQ essay. If you make your introduction too long, you waste space that you might need for your research/explanations. You also take up space that could be used for your conclusion, which is very important.

How I got an A * in EPQ?

Getting an A* on your EPQ begins with picking a creative, individual and exciting question that is both specific and sufficiently broad to provide a detailed response. Above all, the most successful EPQs are those that genuinely interest the participant. In order to create such a question, think ahead.

How long should an EPQ be AQA?

5000 words
An EPQ is an independent research project which involves writing an essay of 5000 words (that’s around 10 typed pages), or creating a product, which might be anything from an art object to an iPhone app.

What does EPQ stand for?

Extended Project Qualification
What is the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) EPQ is an A-level standard standalone qualification designed to extend and develop your students’ abilities beyond the A-level syllabus and prepare for university or their future career.

How can I get full marks in EPQ?


  1. 1) Use the reference tools available.
  2. 2) Summarise each section.
  3. 3) Research then write.
  4. 4) A bit of initial research is golden.
  5. 5) Start early.
  6. 6) That darn activity log.
  7. 7) Regularly meet with your supervisor.
  8. 8) Put some primary research in there somewhere.

Does an EPQ have to be 5000 words?

How long should it be? All students must submit a written report for assessment of between 1000 and 5000 words. The exact length of each written report will depend on the nature of the project, the subject area or topic chosen and the other evidence provided.

How many a4 pages is 5000 words?

10 pages
A 5,000 word count will create about 10 pages single-spaced or 20 pages double-spaced when using normal margins (1″) and 12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman font.

How to write an introduction for EPQ project?

I’m trying to write my introduction for my EPQ project (I’ve left the intro until last as per the advice given), but I’m really struggling. I asked my teacher for advice and she said to make the introduction very specific and include key scholars, key terms and specific issues.

Can you get one to one tuition for EPQ?

One to one online tuition can be a great way to brush up on your Extended Project Qualification knowledge.

What is the role of the supervisor in the EPQ?

You are expected to communicate with your supervisor regularly by email and show the initiative. If students need chasing, then the EPQ will be very challenging. The role of the supervisor is to act as a critical analyst of the work you are doing, and comment on content, organisation and presentation of the project.

What do you need to know about Extended Project Qualification?

• There is a clear emphasis in AQA’s Extended Project Qualification on the realisation of an authentic product developed using skills appropriate to the project. This should be rewarded despite any lack of explicit recording in the log.

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