Is there an official Vulcan language?

Is there an official Vulcan language?

Golic Vulcan is one of the constructed languages of the Vulcan race from the science fiction series Star Trek. It was carefully crafted over many years by Mark R. Gardner and other collaborators in the Vulcan Language Institute, which has been defunct since the latter half of 2008.

How do you say friend in Vulcan?

T’hy’la is an apocryphal term in Star Trek coined by Gene Roddenberry in an infamous footnote in his novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture; the footnote states that Spock thinks of Kirk as his t’hy’la, a Vulcan word that can mean “friend,” “brother” and “lover.”

How do you say your welcome in Vulcan?

Itaren. The FSE sentiment is “You’re welcome.” This entry was posted in Vulcan Language Details. Bookmark the permalink.

What did Sheldon say in Klingon?

Sheldon Cooper : Well, there’s no point dwelling on it. As the Vulcans say: Kup-fun-tor ha’kiv na’ish du stau? [Vulcan phrase. It means: “Can you return life to what you kill?”]

Where online can I translate English into Vulcan?

Weglot is compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins. Trusted by 50,000 websites around the world. ‘a’ and ‘an’ is not necessary in Vulcan. Articles are not a universal feature of language. One language I speak, Polish, does not have them and instead expresses definiteness through context, and sometimes verbal aspect.

Who are the Vulcan translators in Star Trek?

In the various Star Trek television series and movies, they are noted for their attempt to live by logic and reason with no interference from emotion. They were the first extraterrestrial species in the Star Trek universe to observe first contact protocol with humans. STAR TREK and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc.

What is the language of the Vulcan race?

Golic Vulcan. Golic Vulcan is one of the constructed languages of the Vulcan race from the science fiction series Star Trek.

Who is the author of the Golic Vulcan alphabet?

The Standard Script derives from the costume work by Robert Fletcher. All of the work to turn this visual imagery into functional alphabets has been done by Britton Watkins of . Direction of writing: flexible but most traditionally rendered top to bottom.

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