Where is silchester now?

Where is silchester now?

During excavations carried out in 1893, the Silchester Ogham stone was located. Dated c. 500 AD, it is one of very few found in England. It is now held in storage at Reading Museum.

How long is Silchester Roman wall?

The church occupies a site just within the ancient walls of Calleva, although the village of Silchester itself now lies about a mile (1.6 km) to the west….Calleva Atrebatum.

Type Settlement
Area Approximately 40 ha (99 acres)
Builder Atrebates tribe
Founded Late 1st century BC

How old is silchester wall?

Silchester was originally the centre of the Iron Age kingdom of the Atrebates tribe from the late 1st century BC. After the Roman conquest in AD 43 it developed into the town of Calleva Atrebatum.

Is Silchester in Berkshire or Hampshire?

The village of Silchester is at the very north of Hampshire at the border with Berkshire.

What did Roman towns look like?

What Was In A Roman Town? Roman towns were filled with beautiful buildings and temples, and they were very well organised, following a grid formation. At the centre of this grid, there was a ‘forum’, or town centre, which was a large square that was used for meetings and as a place for markets.

What county is silchester?

of Hampshire
Silchester, village (parish), Basingstoke and Deane borough, in the northern part of the administrative and historic county of Hampshire, southern England, southwest of Reading. The church of St. Mary the Virgin within the extant Roman walls of Calleva Atrebatum, near Silchester, Hampshire, England.

What was the name of the Roman town in Silchester?

Silchester is most notable for the archaeological site and Roman town of Calleva Atrebatum, an Iron Age and later Atrebates Celtic settlement first occupied by the Romans in about AD 45 and includes what is considered the best-preserved Roman wall in Great Britain.

Is there a car park at Silchester Roman town?

Parking: There is a charged car park at Silchester Roman Town in Wall Lane, RG7 2HP, managed by Hampshire County Council. The walls are a few minutes’ walk from the car park and the amphitheatre a 10-minute walk. Access: The site is reached by a footpath, parts of which may be uneven and can become muddy.

Where is the postcode for Wall Lane Silchester?

For sat nav users, the postcode is RG7 2HP. There is a Public Car Park located just outside the town walls in Wall Lane and it is a short, 10 minute walk to the heart of the Roman Town from here. If you are bringing a coach, you will need to contact the farmer to raise the car park barrier. The number is on the gate.

What to see in the walls of Silchester?

When… Walking the walls of Silchester is a great experience. The outline of this vast Roman site is clear and many features such as the amphitheatre, the North gate and the Forum are clear to see. OK, so there are ‘only’ some walls and an amphitheatre, as many here seem to complain.

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