What is the farthest throw in discus?

What is the farthest throw in discus?

Jürgen SCHULT is a German former track and field athlete and as of 2019, the world record holder in the discus throw with 74,08m. Holding the title since 1986, it is the longest standing record in men’s track and field. Music by Foo Figthers.

What is the world record for farthest distance thrown during a discus competition?

243.0 Feet – 74.08 meters This is the mark all elite discus throwers have been fighting against since 1986 when Jurgen Schult threw his 243’½“ (74.08 meter) throw.

How far do discus throwers throw?

Discus throw, sport in athletics (track and field) in which a disk-shaped object, known as a discus, is thrown for distance. In modern competition the discus must be thrown from a circle 2.5 metres (8.2 feet) in diameter and fall within a 40° sector marked on the ground from the centre of the circle.

What is the Olympic record for discus?

69.89 m
The Olympic records are 69.89 m (229 ft 31⁄2 in) for men, set by Virgilijus Alekna in 2004, and 72.30 m ( 237 ft 21⁄4 in) for women, set by Martina Hellmann in 1988.

What is the best discus to buy?

Throw Labs athletes tend to throw with Nelco, Denfliy, and VS discus product lines. These brands all make products that offer superior performance and offer excellent customer service. Other brands that we recommend include Cantabrian, Gill, Nishi, and OTE.

Who holds the javelin throw world record?

Jan Železný
The current world-record holders for javelin-throwing are Jan Železný (men, 98.48 m) and Barbora Špotáková (women, 72.28 m). The next-longest throws have been short by 72 cm and 58 cm, respectively.

What’s the world record for the discus throw?

Record Athlete Date Meet Place Ref 66.20 m (217 ft 2 + 1 ⁄ 4 in) Wolfgang Schmidt (GER) 9 January 1980 Berlin, Germany 69.51 m (228 ft 1 ⁄ 2 in) Gerd Kanter (EST) 22 March 2009 World Record Indoor Challenge Växjö, Sweden

What’s the best distance a discus thrower can land?

He then spins anticlockwise (for right-handers) around one and a half times through the circle to build momentum, then releases his throw. The discus must land within a 34.92-degree sector.

What was the name of the Greek discus thrower?

The discus throw has been the subject of a number of well-known ancient Greek statues and Roman copies such as the Discobolus and Discophoros.

How big is the discus for a 74 year old woman?

Women throw the 1 kilogram (2.2 lb) discus through to age 74. Starting with age 75, women throw the 0.75 kilograms (1.7 lb) discus. The typical discus has sides made of plastic, wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber or metal with a metal rim and a metal core to attain the weight.

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