What year Sonique Feels So Good?

What year Sonique Feels So Good?

It Feels So Good/Released

“It Feels So Good” is a song by British singer Sonique. It was released on 9 November 1998 and peaked at number 24 on the UK Singles Chart; it was re-released in May 2000 and spent three weeks at number one on the same chart.

What TV show used feels so good as theme song?

The song was part of a running gag throughout King Of The Hill, an animated TV series set in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas.

Who wrote feels so good?

Chuck Mangione
Feels So Good – Vocals/Composers

What year did Sonique sing?

Sonique released her debut solo album Hear My Cry in 1998. Re-released in 2000, the album’s hit single “It Feels So Good” topped the UK chart for three weeks in May/June of that year. After 14 weeks in the Top 40, it became the UK’s third best-selling single of 2000.

How good it feels Meaning?

“It feels good” is used to describe something that feels nice, or it can be a response when asked about something. “I feel good” is usually just used to respond to “How are you (feeling)”, but it can be used other ways as well.

Where was Feels So Good recorded?

Feels So Good (composition)

“Feels So Good”
B-side “Maui-Waui”
Released February 1978
Recorded 1977
Genre Smooth jazz soft rock

What is Sonique’s real name?

Kylie Love
Kylie Sonique Love/Full name

Who said why say no when it feels so good to say yes?

Tommy Boy (1995) | Video clips by quotes | 5ea6f307 | 紗 Why say “no” when it feels so good to say “yes”? Why say “no” when it feels so good to say “yes”?

What is the best feeling in the world?

The 18 Best Feelings in the World

  1. Finally releasing your breasts from the shackles of your bra.
  2. Getting into a freshly made bed.
  3. Stretching.
  4. Snuggling a fuzzy animal.
  5. Washing your face at the end of the day.
  6. Peeling off skinny jeans/a pencil skirt at the end of the day.
  7. When someone else plays with your hair.

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