Where to get Cursed shield ff6?

Where to get Cursed shield ff6?

To obtain the shield, the player must recruit Locke in the World of Ruin and go to Narshe with him in the party to open the locked doors within the city. The shield is found inside the house right up the stairs to the right of the relic shop.

How to get paladin shield ff3?

Get the Cursed Shield from the man in the relic shop in Narshe. Equip the Cursed Shield and a Ribbon on Locke (so the effects of the Cursed Shield are negated). Fight 255 battles with Locke in your party.

How do I get Ribbon ff6?

Ribbon is an accessory that protects from all statuses except Instant Death. It is a reward for completing mission 5-4-6, stolen from the Gaea Malboro, and obtained through the level 5 version of Item Mugger.

How do I learn Ultima in ff6?

It is learned by reaching level 20 of the Magus job. The spell deals major non-elemental magic damage to all enemies and ignores the target’s Reflect status. It costs 80 MP to cast. The only enemy able to cast Ultima is the Ω Weapon superboss.

How do you beat Gigantuar in ff6?

The party should use as many unblockable attacks as possible, such as Ultima, Edgar’s Tools, or Sabin’s Blitz. To ensure surviving Gigantuar’s final attack, the party can use Reraise or initiate Jump before the final attack is triggered.

What does curse ring do ff7?

Curse Ring is an accessory that provides +20 ATK, +20 MAG, and HP +20%, but inflicts a fixed 2000 damage at the start of battle. It can be obtained from the Final Fantasy VII event, Da-chao Statue.

How do you get Moogle Charm ff6?

Mog’s Amulet activates at the start of a stage, and increases the success rate for probability-type abilities by 50% for the rest of the stage. It is obtained randomly after completing a Music Stage. Molulu’s Charm activates at the start of a stage, and makes all the items won from clearing the stage CollectaCards.

How do I morph master Tonberry ff7?

Cast Bio spells (or even better, Bad Breath) at the start of the battle to inflict Poison. Once the poison has damaged Master Tonberry 32 times, it will have 28 HP left. This will enable the player to morph it into the highly valued Ribbon.

How do you beat Brachiosaur in ff6?

Blizzaga, Flare, and Ultima spells are most effective. Those not using Blizzaga should use Defense-ignoring attacks. The player should kill the Brachiosaur quickly before it uses Ultima. It is recommended to have Celes since she can absorb Ultima with Runic.

Where do you get the cursed Shield in Final Fantasy?

Take Locke with you and he’ll be able to open the doors there. If you go into the house behind the Relic Shop (left side of town) and talk to the man in the bed, he’ll give you the shield. The only thing needed to lift the curse is to equip the shield through 256 battles.

Where to find Narshe in Final Fantasy VI?

Narshe, also known as Narche, and titled “Colliery City Narshe” (炭坑都市ナルシェ, Tankō Toshi Narushe?) in the Japanese version, is a city in Final Fantasy VI. It is a coal mining town at the northern edge of the world, governed by the Elder of Narshe. The town is one of the game’s most important locations—it is where…

How does the Paladin shield work in Final Fantasy VI?

Equipping it will inflict numerous status ailments on the wearer. However, after 256 battles the curse will be lifted, which will then create the Paladin Shield, which nullifies all elemental attacks and teaches Ultima (at a rate of x1).

What’s the easiest way to dispel the cursed Shield?

Press Q to start the script, head afk for an hour or so, then come back and press W to end it. I’m currently testing another method. In Fanatic’s Tower, in the magic jar room. These guys give 5 AP a pop and heal the party.

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