What is the maximum payout on Hollywoodbets?

What is the maximum payout on Hollywoodbets?

R10 million
South Africa’s leading bookmakers Hollywoodbets announced today that they have increased their maximum payout limit to R10 million on Lucky Numbers, Soccer and Horseracing Pick 6 bets.

What can I bet on Hollywoodbets?

Hollywoodbets Review – the main sportsbook product On that note, once you’ve joined Hollywoodbets as a new customer, you can then wager on sporting events for football, rugby, cricket, tennis, cycling, basketball, golf, boxing, horse racing, and many others.

What does under 2.5 mean in Hollywoodbets?

Under 2.5 and Draw. 2 or less goals in the match and draw FT. 78. Under 2.5 and Away. 2 or less goals in the match and away wins FT.

What are the rules for betting on Lucky Numbers?

The lottery games on which Lucky Numbers bets are struck are subject to the lottery rules of the respective jurisdictions in which they are played, save to the extent of any inconsistency with Hollywoodbets’ General Terms and Conditions, in which event Hollywoodbets’ General Terms and Conditions will prevail.

Where can I find list of Hollywoodbets companies?

A list of the companies which comprise the Hollywoodbets Group and the bookmaking operations managed by Hollywoodbets is available on the Hollywoodbets website which can be found at www.hollywoodbets.net.

What do you need to know about Lucky Numbers?

First number colour – Player bets on the colour (green, blue, orange, yellow) of the first ball dropped. Last number OU – You must predict if the last-drawn number is going to be over or under 40.5. Last number Even/Odd – Player bets if the last-drawn number is going to be even or odd.

What happens if you bet after closing time on Hollywoodbets?

Any bet made after closing time shall be void. The results of a draw will be accepted and posted by Hollywoodbets in accordance with the first official result of that particular draw as provided by the controlling authority’s website, irrespective of any subsequent revocation of that result due to disqualification or otherwise.

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