What kind of insurance does Georgia-Pacific have?

What kind of insurance does Georgia-Pacific have?

Georgia-Pacific Corporation offers medical insurance, life insurance, dependent life insurance, and short/long-term disability.

Does United Healthcare work in Georgia?

We have a variety of group coverage options for small businesses in Georgia.

How do I contact Georgia-Pacific?

Consumer Products: 1-800-283-5547. Georgia-Pacific Professional.

Does Georgia-Pacific have a union?

The company had unionized workers at some of its operations but nothing compared with the size and scope of Georgia-Pacific’s collective-bargaining units. When Koch took over, roughly 22,000 of 55,000 Georgia-Pacific employees were unionized. Today, that number has dropped steeply, to 11,800, the company said.

How can I get medical care without insurance in Georgia?

Call 404-463-5111. Free counseling as well as advice is offered. SHIP is the name of this Georgia program. Any resident, no matter their age or income, can learn about programs for the uninsured, Medicare, prescription drug assistance, free government health insurance policies (like Medicaid), and others.

What does Georgia-Pacific pay?

Georgia-Pacific Corporation Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Production Worker Range:$11 – $23 Average:$16
Maintenance Technician Range:$17 – $35 Average:$24
Production Technician Range:$14 – $27 (Estimated *) Average:$20
Forklift Driver Range:$12 – $21 (Estimated *) Average:$16

What do they do at Georgia-Pacific?

About Georgia-Pacific Georgia-Pacific is one of the world’s leading makers of tissue, pulp, packaging, building products and related chemicals. You may recognize our household brands, such as Brawny® paper towels, Quilted Northern® bath tissue and Dixie® cups and tableware.

What kind of Health Plan does UnitedHealthcare offer?

Through UnitedHealthcare, the SHBP offers eligible members, including pre-65 Retirees a choice of a statewide Health Maintenance Organization Plan Option and a High Deductible Health Plan Option. Additionally, UnitedHealthcare offers Medicare Advantage Premium and Standard Plan Options to Medicare-eligible members.

Where are the headquarters of Georgia Pacific Corporation?

Welcome to Georgia-Pacific! We know strong communities make life better for everyone. From our headquarters in Atlanta, Ga. to mills and facilities in 30 states around the country, GP’s world-class employees are the best at what they do We’re proud to share GP information and stories from across our facility communities.

Are there any group health insurance plans in Georgia?

Sign in to Medicare member site We have a variety of group coverage options for small businesses in Georgia.

Who is an important part of Georgia Pacific?

Our Military and Veterans have been and always will be an important part of Georgia-Pacific’s history and a positive force of impact in our company culture. We’re more than consumer products and paper.

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