What all does the Samsung gear S2 do?

What all does the Samsung gear S2 do?

Featuring a circular design with a rotating navigation bezel, the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch provides quick and easy access to notifications, apps, and widgets. The Gear S2 is compatible with most Android and iOS devices (1) so you can sync your devices and get more out of every moment of your day.

Is Samsung gear S2 good?

The Gear S2 is a good smartwatch, but the limited Tizen operating system stops it from being a great one. At least Samsung didn’t make it exclusive to Galaxy handsets; the Gear 2 will work with any Android 4.4 device with 1.5GB of RAM or above.

Is the Galaxy Gear S2 waterproof?

Officially, the IP68 rating means the Gear S2 is able to withstand a water depth of 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. For all intents and purposes though, both the Gear S and the newer Gear S2 are “waterproof” enough for you to wear them when you take a bath, swim or even go snorkelling.

How much does the Samsung gear S2 cost?

The Gear S2 retails for about $300 and most other watches hover around that price.

Does Gear S2 have a speaker?

The Samsung Gear S2 DOES have a speaker, but it’s only on the 3G models. But, if your S2 or S2 Classic requires a compatible phone and has to be within Bluetooth range to place/receive calls and send/receive messages, then there is no speaker.

How much is a Gear S2?

How can I connect my Samsung Gear S2 to my phone?

Connect your Samsung Gear S2 with both Android and iOS smartphones (1). Pair your Samsung Gear S2 via Bluetooth using the Samsung Gear companion app to see where the freedom of Samsung Gear wearables can take you.

What kind of processor does Samsung Gear S2 have?

The Samsung Gear S2 also offers 4 GB of internal storage, built-in Bluetooth 4.1 and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, and a dual core 1.0 GHz processor for a fast and responsive operating system. With the Samsung Gear S2, you can receive notifications from your smartphone without having to take the phone out of your pocket (2).

Is the Samsung Gear S2 Classic a smartwatch?

Featuring elegant curves and premium finishes, the Samsung Gear S2 classic is as stylish as it is functional. You can personalize your Samsung Gear S2 classic with customizable faces (3) to create a smartwatch that is uniquely your own. Connect your Samsung Gear S2 classic with both Android and iOS smartphones (1).

Where to find IMEI number on Samsung Gear S2?

To locate the EID, IMEI, or ICCID number on the watch, press the Power key, and then navigate to and tap Settings. Swipe to and tap About watch, and then tap Device. For a Gear S2, tap Gear info, and then tap About device.

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