How many yards does a 615 scraper hold?

How many yards does a 615 scraper hold?

16 cubic yards
First introduced in 1981, the Caterpillar 615 elevating scraper came as a bit of a surprise to the earthmoving industry. Rated at 16 cubic yards, it sat in between the 11 cubic yard Cat 613, and the 22 cubic yard Cat 623.

How much does a Cat 615 scraper weigh?


Front Axel – loaded 47696.2 lbs (21,635 kg)
Rear Axle – empty 18055.9 lbs (8,190 kg)
Rear Axle – loaded 42296.6 lbs (19,186 kg)
Total Operating – empty 51588.2 lbs (23,400 kg)
Total Operating – Loaded 89992.8 lbs (40,821 kg)

What are elevating scrapers used for?

Cat® elevating scrapers are a self-loading hauling system with the added ability to mix and homogenize material. Elevator scrapers also excel at fine finish grading work.

What is a cat 613?

Introduced in 1969, the Caterpillar 613 has been with us in various configurations for 43 years covering five different models and is the most successful small elevating scraper ever built in terms of units sold. The 613 was actually designed and built by Johnson Manufacturing of Lubbock, Texas for Caterpillar.

What are the different types of scrapers?

Flat Blade Scraper

  • Flat Blade Scraper. A flat blade scraper consists of a straight flat blade with a sharpened tip end for scraping.
  • Triangular Blade Scraper. Sometimes referred to as ‘three corner scrapers’, these scrapers have a long triangular blade that tapers to a point at the end.
  • Curved Blade Scraper.

How do cat scrapers work?

The scraper can transport its load to the fill area where the blade is raised, the back panel of the hopper, or the ejector, is hydraulically pushed forward and the load tumbles out. Then the empty scraper returns to the cut site and repeats the cycle.

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