What is the joint targeting cycle?

What is the joint targeting cycle?

The joint targeting cycle is a six phase iterative process: Phase 1 – End state and commander’s objectives, Phase 2 – Target development and prioritization, Phase 3 – Capabilities analysis, Phase 4 – Commander’s decision and force assignment, Phase 5 – Mission planning and force execution, Phase 6 – Assessment.

What are the four principles of targeting?

Though these ideals still inform our sense of what conduct is “fair” in combat, four legal principles govern modern targeting decisions: (1) Military Necessity, (2) Distinction, (3) Proportionality, and (4) Unnecessary Suffering/Humanity.

What are the 12 principles of joint operations?

The fundamentals of joint warfare are: unity of effort, concentration, initiative, agility, extension, freedom of action, sustainment, clarity, knowledge of self, and knowledge of the enemy.

What is the focus of joint targeting Sejpme?


Term ___ is the process of selecting and prioritizing targets and matching the appropriate response to them, considering operational requirements and capabilities Definition Targeting
Term the focus of joint targeting is Definition Achieving the JFC’s OBJ

What does JP 3-60 add to Joint Operations IV?

Geospatial Intelligence Support to Joint Operations iv Summary of Changes JP 3-60 Adds appendices on assessment, intelligence support to target development, capabilities analysis and force assignment, collateral damage estimation, federated targeting support, and targeting automation • TABLE OF CONTENTS

What is the purpose of Joint Publication 3-0?

Joint Publication (JP) 3-0 is the keystone document in the joint operations series and is a companion to joint doctrine’s capstone JP 1, Doctrine for the Armed Forces of the United States. It provides guidance to joint force commanders (JFCs) and their subordinates to plan, execute, and assess joint military operations.

What is joint publication 3-60 VII executive summary?

Joint Publication 3-60 vii EXECUTIVE SUMMARY COMMANDER’S OVERVIEW • Provides an understanding of Targets and Targeting • Explains the Joint Targeting Cycle • Addresses Joint Force Targeting Duties and Responsibilities Understanding Targets and Targeting

When did JP 3-60 Joint Targeting bits change?

ii Preface JP 3-60 Intentionally Blank SUMMARY OF CHANGES REVISION OF JOINT PUBLICATION (JP) 3-60 DATED 17 JANUARY 2002 iii

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