Are Pedaltrain boards good?

Are Pedaltrain boards good?

1. Pedaltrain Metro 16. The Metro 16 is a really great pedalboard for mounting around five to eight effects pedals, throwing them in the nylon shoulder bag and running out the door to practice. Even if you only have three or four right now, the extra space will come in handy when you inevitably size up the floor show.

Why are Pedalboards so expensive?

diy is just the cheapest way to get a great pedalboard 🙂 They’re expensive because there are people out there with enough money to pay for something they could easily make themselves.

How big is the average guitar pedal?

Guitar pedal dimensions can typically be grouped by brand, with limited variation within those brands. For example, the typical Boss pedal is always 2.87 x 5 inches. While there are smaller and larger form stompboxes, this is an extremely typical size for a single effects unit with only one bypass switch.

Which is Pedaltrain model is right for me?

The handy infographics below can help you figure out which Pedaltrain products will work best for you. Then head over to and dream it up! Pedal board planner is now available for your mobile device. Download Pedaltrain’s free iOS and Android app here.

Which is the best type of pedal board to buy?

The Classic series has a number of different sizes, with risers available if you need to improve the ergonomics of pedals on higher rails. The JR is a decent size for a grab-and-go board, or something that you need to take on public transport, fitting up to about ten pedals.

Can a guitar player make their own pedal board?

Well, putting together a pedalboard is almost a rite of passage for a guitar player. You may be tempted to get the power tools out and make your own from some scrap wood or an old suitcase, but investing in one of the best pedalboards listed below may be a wiser decision. These ready-made boards are designed to house a myriad of pedals.

How much does it cost for a pedalboard?

The regular Pedaltrains have options for their brand of power-supply, but most brands will fit comfortably underneath, as will cable-runs and I/O connectors. 2. Pedaltrain Nano Price: $139/£108 (Classic 1) | Dimensions: 55.9×31.7cm | Weight: N/A | Construction: Aluminium | Case: Soft | Power supply mounting: No

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