What is the A Beka curriculum?

What is the A Beka curriculum?

A Beka Book educational material was developed based on research of traditional educational applications and the experience of the developers. This is a Biblical based curriculum, designed primarily for use in home-schooling.

What denomination is Abeka Academy?

Abeka Academy serves 12 students in grades 1-12,. The student:teacher of Abeka Academy is 12:1 and the school’s religious affiliation is Baptist.

Who is the CEO of abeka?

Brian Kosa | Abeka Christian School.

WHO publishes abeka?

Abeka Book, LLC, known as A Beka Book until 2017, is an American publisher affiliated with Pensacola Christian College (PCC) that produces K-12 curriculum materials that are used by Christian schools and homeschooling families around the world.

Is Abeka fundamentalist?

Abeka and other providers of fundamentalist curriculum like Bob Jones University Press and Accelerated Christian Education are promoting their offerings, especially digital and video-based instruction, to at-home educators and religious schools.

What is K4 and K5?

K4 is a 4 y/o doing Kindergarten level work. K5 Is a 5 y/o doing kindergarten level work. Kindergarten is the general term for the school year before 1st grade, and could be equivalent to K4 or K5. Someone doing K4 may spread the work of kindergarten over 2 years.

Is Abeka expensive?

Compared to other curricula, the Abeka curriculum comes in at a rather low cost. This is what the creators said it costs in 2019: If you bought a 1st grade complete parent kit and child kit, your cost would be $716.85. For a full school year with Abeka Academy, your cost would be $826.

Is Abeka history accurate?

In an email, an Abeka official, Brent Phillips, declined to discuss the materials but wrote, “We are confident that our content is accurate, age appropriate, and academically rigorous” and teaches students based on “our traditional, Christian philosophy of education.”

What is K3 and K4?

Kindergarten Three’s and Four’s (K3 and K4) The YCIS Shanghai Kindergarten Three’s and Four’s (K3 & K4) is our whole day programme, offered five days a week for preschool children aged three to five.

Is Abeka a good curriculum?

Abeka is a Good Curriculum. Academic curriculum, traditional teaching approach, flexible options; ABeka provides plenty of additional practice to reinforce educational concepts for homeschooling families.

Is Abeka an accredited school?

Abeka Academy is accredited by the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools.

What is Abeka curriculum?

The Abeka curriculums are an opportunity to stand at the elbow of a master teacher. They offer a chance to observe master teaching techniques at work and learn the methods by imitation, the only way one really learns to be a master of any art.

Is Abeka homeschooling accredited?

ABeka Academy homeschool curriculum is offered for homeschool students in kindergarten through grade 12, and the program is accredited by both the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).

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