Where was the Forward Operating Base Salerno located?

Where was the Forward Operating Base Salerno located?

Forward Operating Base Salerno is a former forward operating base used by the U.S. military from 2002–2013 during Operation Enduring Freedom. It is located in the southeastern province of Khost, Afghanistan, near the city of Khost.

What was the route clearance mission at FOB Salerno?

The route clearance units at FOB Salerno were also responsible for routinely clearing the Khost-Gardez Pass. Route clearance is a slow operation as units make slow progress to neutralize mines along the route, since the K-G Pass is relatively long and susceptible to attack the mission routinely took several days to complete.

How much is a boneless breast pizza at Salernos?

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When did the attack on FOB Salerno happen?

Seven CIA operatives were killed, making this attack the deadliest for the agency since the 1983 United States embassy bombing. FOB Salerno was once again attacked by a group of Taliban on 28 August 2010. The attack started around 0400 with small arms and mortar fire. In addition, suicide bombers participated in the attack.

When did FOB Salerno become Camp Pucino?

In November 2009, a portion of FOB Salerno, where US Special Forces worked and lived with an Afghan Commando unit, was renamed as Camp Pucino after this US Special Forces soldier’s death in November 2009. SSG Matthew Pucino was a member of ODA 2223.

What was the history of the city of Salerno?

Salerno was a Roman colony and was named Salernum. The city made progress and also enriched its culture and its traditions during the occupations by the Goths, Byzantines, Longobards and Normans. From the 14th. century onwards, most of the Salerno province became the territory of the Princes of Sanseverino, powerful feudatories.

When did the US withdraw from FOB Salerno?

On November 1, 2013, U.S. forces withdrew from FOB Salerno and transferred control of the installation to the Afghan National Army . The facility was built by members of the Assault and Barrier Platoon, HHC, 307th Engineer Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division and 618th Engineer company, respectively.

When is the move in date for Salerno?

1. WHAT IS THE ANTICIPATED MOVE-IN DATE? Salerno is currently under construction, with construction expected to be completed in January 2021 and an estimated to have move-in dates in the first quarter of 2021. Those selected for the lottery will have a more specific date provided.

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