What engine is in a Volvo bus?

What engine is in a Volvo bus?

B7R is powered by Volvo D7E (previously D7A, D7B and D7C) six-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger and intercooler….

Volvo B7R
Floor type Step entrance
Engine Volvo D7A/D7B/D7C/D7E
Power output 290hp (D7E)

What type of engine does a bus use?

diesel engines
95 percent of all school buses in America are powered by diesel engines because of their reliability, durability and safety. Over half of these (54 percent) rely on the cleanest, near-zero emission diesel engine technology.

How much HP does a Volvo bus have?

Powertrain behind this Volvo bus is 10800 cc 6 cylinder D11C 370, Turbocharged, Intercooled engine. It is powered by diesel fuel and produces a maximum power of 370 HP. Doing the transmission duty in Volvo 9400 13.8M bus is 12 speed (12F+4R), With automatic Gear changing system gearbox.

What is the CC of Volvo Bus?

10800 cc
Engine and Performance

Max. Power 410 hp@1600-1900 rpm
Emission Norms Compliance BSIV
Engine D11C 410 Turbocharged, Intercooled
Engine Cylinders 6
Engine Displacement 10800 cc

What kind of engine does a Volvo truck have?

Driving Progress VOLVO D13 Engine family VOLVO D13 Engine family Volvo Trucks. Driving Progress 2 All the power your job needs. Just like the entire Volvo engine family, the D13 is designed to produce the power needed for your specific application, the fuel economy crucial to your bottom line, and the reliability your customers demand.

Who is the parent company of Volvo buses?

Volvo Buses (Volvo Bus Corporation / formal name: Volvo Bussar AB) (stylized as VOLVO) is a subsidiary and a business area of the Swedish vehicle maker Volvo, which became an independent division in 1968.

Are there any Volvo Bus and coach manuals?

Some VOLVO Bus & Coach Manuals PDF are above this page. Volvo Bussar is a subdivision of the Volvo Group and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chassis for buses, which also develops, produces and sells full-size city and intercity large capacity buses under its own brand.

Where do they make Volvo buses in India?

The bus operation has a global presence, with production in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. In India it set up its production facility in Bangalore. Former production facility was located in Irvine, Scotland (closed in 2000). Codes in parentheses are VIN codes for the chassis models. 1983–1996?

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