Where are Invertek drives made?

Where are Invertek drives made?

Wales, UK
Our VFD technology is continuously being researched and developed by our innova… An overview of Invertek Drives Global Manufacturing Facility in Wales, UK.

Who makes Invertek drives?

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd
Invertek Drives Ltd, one of the leading innovators and manufacturers of variable frequency drives, has been acquired by Tokyo-based Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd (SHI). The deal will lead to significant investment in the growth and development of Invertek in Mid Wales.

What is OptiDrive?

Joy OptiDrive, an AC variable-frequency drive system, integrates software with the electronic and mechanical systems. Available on all Joy continuous miners, haulage systems, loaders, and longwall system equipment. Optimizes speed control to significantly increase operator control of machine movement.

What is OptiDrive E3?

Single Phase Input / Output Optidrive E3 for Single Phase Motors uses a revolutionary motor control strategy to achieve reliable intelligent starting of single phase motors. Removes the need for 3 phase supply wiring.

What does traxxas OptiDrive do?

The OptiDrive ESM electronically monitors vehicle speed and controls forward and reverse shifting. Controlling the shift action electronically rather than by mechanical systems reduces the number of components in the transmission.

What is VFD in PLC?

Specifically, what a VFD is and when do we use it with automation and PLCs. So what exactly is a VFD? Well, it stands for Variable Frequency Drive. They are used for running an AC motor at variable speeds or let them ramp up their speed to give them a smooth startup. Some people simply call them drives.


What does invertek drive company do for a living?

Invertek Drives Ltd is dedicated to the design and manufacture of sophisticated electronic variable speed drives, used to control motors in a wide variety of industrial and energy saving applications. Invertek’s products are sold in 80 countries worldwide through a network of international sales partners.

Where does invertek drive manufacturing take place in Wales?

Invertek Drives is a rapidly growing global organisation, dedicated to developing and manufacturing cutting edge technologies for integration into future generations of our world renowned Optidrive product range. Based in Welshpool, Invertek Drives are recruiting for a full time skilled Electronics Assembly Operative within our production team.

When was the last account made for invertek drives?

Last accounts made up to 31 December 2020 26512 – Manufacture of electronic industrial process control equipment

How many countries are invertek variable speed drives sold in?

Invertek’s products are sold in 80 countries worldwide through a network of international sales partners. Optidrive variable speed drives from Invertek can reduce energy consumption by more than 50% in industrial and HVAC applications by exactly matching the speed of the motor with the requirements of the operation.

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