What is the difference between Otterbox Defender commuter and symmetry?

What is the difference between Otterbox Defender commuter and symmetry?

Main Differences Between Otterbox Symmetry vs Otterbox Commuter. The main differences between Otterbox Symmetry vs Otterbox Commuter are: The Otterbox Commuter is a 2 layered phone case which gives it a bulky design, whereas the Otterbox Symmetry case is one layered and offers a more sleek design.

Is Otterbox Commuter worth?

For a little bit more money than your average phone case, the Otterbox commuter offers far better impact resistance, scratch guarding and general protection than most other cases out there.

Is OtterBox still the best?

It has built its reputation on making the toughest most durable cases around that will protect your smartphone from just about anything. Otterbox has a number of different lines of cases which it calls “series.” The cases will work with iPhone and many popular Android smartphones, as well.

Does OtterBox symmetry have built in screen protector?

There is no screen protection with the Symmetry case.

Do you need a screen protector with OtterBox Commuter?

As for protection, the OtterBox Commuter Series offers a solid mix of scratch and impact protection. A screen protector is included to handle the front face, while the silicone covers the corners with the support of an internal membrane.

Should I buy an OtterBox for my iPhone?

Otterbox has been making protective cases for the iPhone since 2007, but its Symmetry series strikes the right balance between safety and a slim size. If you’re looking for a case that balances protection and bulk, the Otterbox Symmetry is the one we recommend.

What is better than an OtterBox?

While it’s true that the Otterbox Defender provides the best drop protection, a new competitor has emerged: the Lifeproof Fre. The Lifeproof Fre is popular due to its cleaner design and promise of ultimate protection against water and snow.

Why is OtterBox so good?

Do I need a screen protector if I have an otterbox?

No. The protective case actually is designed so that there is no need for a screen protector. The clip of the case can cover the screen when the phone is not in use and snaps on to the back casing when the phone is in use.

Is the OtterBox defender compatible with the commuter case?

The Defender case isn’t compatible with third-party screen protectors if you have one you fancy. You can shop our tempered glass screen protectors to add to your Otterbox Commuter case for the ultimate in protection. 5. Port Protection In the last round of Defender vs Commuter, we look at port protection.

Which is the best Otterbox case to buy?

Two of their strongest and most popular cases are the Otterbox Defender and Otterbox Commuter cases. So whether you’ve got a new device or your old case just isn’t cutting it, use our Otterbox Defender vs. Commuter case comparison and educate yourself on which case is right for you.

What kind of screen protector does Otterbox defender use?

An adhesive screen protector comes with your case to prevent scratches and your device is protected by an inner silicone layer and then partially wrapped in a polycarbonate outer. After almost two weeks with the Commuter case, it was time to test another Otterbox case – the Otterbox Defender on my phone.

What’s the difference between OtterBox defender and symmetry?

Our first impression of Otterbox Symmetry was that all Otterbox did was remove the TPU lining on the inside of the case and make the PC slightly thinner in order to shave 1mm off the thickness of the case. It seemed more like a cost saving measure while keeping the Otterbox Symmetry at the same price point. Which means Otterbox makes more money.

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