Is VCA animal Hospital nationwide?

Is VCA animal Hospital nationwide?

We’ve got you covered. With VCA’s 6,000+ compassionate veterinarians, more than 600 board-certified specialists, and 1,000+ animal hospitals located in 46 US states and 5 Canadian provinces, you are always in good hands.

What does VCA stand for in veterinary?

Veterinary Centers of America Inc.
Originally called Veterinary Centers of America Inc., VCA was started in 1986 by founders who included brothers Robert and Arthur Antin. Robert Antin is VCA’s chief executive and Arthur Antin is its chief operating officer.

Who owns VCA veterinary?

Mars, Incorporated
announced its intention to purchase VCA for $9.1 billion, operating it as an independent unit within Mars Petcare….VCA Animal Hospitals.

Trade name VCA Animal Hospitals
Revenue US$2.1 billion (2015)
Owner Mars, Incorporated
Number of employees 27,100 (2018)
Parent Mars Petcare

Are there any animal hospitals in Las Vegas?

3. Park Animal Hospital From Business: Park Animal Hospital, serving Las Vegas and Henderson, professional, compassionate, caring staff take care of all of your pets needs. We understand that your…

Can you take your pet to the Animal Humane Society?

Animal Humane Society provides euthanasia services for pet owners at a reduced cost. Please note that pet owners cannot be in the room with their pet as this service is provided, but they may visit their pet afterward. A special sympathy card that includes the animal’s paw print will be mailed to families shortly after their appointment.

Is there an animal humane society that does euthanasia?

Animal Humane Society provides post-surrender euthanasia services for pet owners at a reduced cost. Families have the option of being present with their pet during the appointment.

Where can I Donate my Pet’s body at the end of life?

Pet owners who utilize end-of-life euthanasia services may elect to donate their pet’s body for veterinary student training at the University of Minnesota through our Willed Body Donation Program. Cremation services are also available, or owners may reclaim the body.

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