Where is the island of Oleron in France?

Where is the island of Oleron in France?

Île d’Oléron (French pronunciation: ​ [il dɔleʁɔ̃]; Saintongese: ilâte d’Olerun; Latin: Uliarus insula; English: Oléron Island, / oʊˈlɪrən /) is an island off the Atlantic coast of France (due west of Rochefort), on the southern side of the Pertuis d’Antioche strait.

Which is the smallest town in Ile d’Oleron?

La Brée les Bains, on the north-east coast of the island is one of the smallest municipalities in the district. Situated at the southern end of the Ile d’Oléron, Le Château d’Oléron is the second largest town in terms of population. This multi-faceted “capital” of the oyster world has a richly important historical heritage.

How tall is the lighthouse on the Ile d Oleron?

La Brée les Bains and its narrow streets and finally at the northern tip of the island, Saint-Denis d’Oléron where the 46m high lighthouse stands proudly at Chassiron.

What do people do on the Ile d Oleron?

Oyster-farming is an age-old activity – the multi-coloured huts in the oyster ports have kept their authentic aspect. Fishing is also an important activity – just think of La Cotinière, Charente-Maritime’s major fishing port. Watching the return of the boats at high tide is a real spectacle.


How big is the Oleron bridge in France?

Since 1966, the island has been connected to the mainland by a road bridge. With a length of 2,862 m (9,390 ft) between abutments, it was the longest bridge in France at the time of construction. It is now the third one, after the Saint-Nazaire bridge and the Île de Ré bridge.

What kind of climate does Oleron island have?

The climate is generally mild (maritime temperate) with sufficient but not excessive rainfall, but with probably from 3 to 15 days of intense heat in the summer months of July and August, mostly grouped. Administratively, the island belongs to the Charente-Maritime département, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine région.

Which is the easiest way to get around Oleron?

On the island itself, the easiest way to get around is by car or by bicycle. During the last ten years, a network of 110 kilometers of bicycle paths have been built. These bicycle lanes are mostly car-free. Le Château-d’Oléron, 1703 military mock-up.

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