Who owns West Boggs Lake?

Who owns West Boggs Lake?

the Daviess Martin Joint Parks & Recreation Department
West Boggs Park opened its doors to the public in July 1972. This tremendous park is operated by the Daviess Martin Joint Parks & Recreation Department and has been self-sufficient since 1996! That means… we do not use any of your tax money to operate.

How much does it cost to camp at West Boggs Park?

There is a shower house in between Redfox and Muskrat. Whitetail- These sites are along the main road in the campground area. 12-19 & 26-29 are full hookup (water, power, sewer)….Current Camping Rates.

Camp Sites Regular Holiday
Rental Units (minimum 2 night stay) Daily Weekly
VIP Cabin 116 580
Pinewood Cabin 99 495
Mobile Home 99 495

Is West Boggs a state park?

West Boggs Park is joint county owned and does not operate as a State Park, or receive any tax money. We also offer a yearly VIP pass to senior citizens (65 or older) residing in Daviess or Martin counties for $27 ($25 + $2 Lake Enhancement Fee ) per year.

Where is West Boggs Lake Indiana?

Located just north of Loogootee on Highway 231, West Boggs Park offers more than just West Boggs Lake. The 1,500-acre property is home to a campground, boat rental, beach and numerous picnic areas.

Is it safe to swim in West Boggs Lake?

Swimming at your own risk in the lake. Lifeguards are NOT on duty. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Know the dangers of swimming.

Is West Boggs Lake man made?

West Boggs Creek Reservoir was created circa 1970 as a project of the Small Watershed Flood Control Act, or PL566.

What kind of fish are in West Boggs Lake?

About West Boggs Lake West Boggs Lake is near Washington. The most popular species caught here are Largemouth bass, Channel catfish, and Spotted bass.

How big is West Boggs?

622 Acre
Come Check Out Our 622 Acre Lake, 400 Acres of Play Area, Miles of Multi-use Trails, Shelter Houses, Weekly Programs, Lakefront Beach, and More!

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Is lake Monroe safe to swim?

Swimming and boating permitted. Avoid contact with algae. Avoid swallowing water while swimming. Take a bath or shower with warm soapy water after coming in contact with lake water.

How many campsites are at West Boggs Park?

Camping at West Boggs Park is a popular activity for southern Indiana residents! We have 200 campsites that may be reserved for your favorite weekends… and they book up quick! We take reservations for a couple of seasons out.

Where to find West Boggs Park in Indiana?

Back to West Boggs Park info page We need more trip reports. E-mail usyour trip reports. Outdoor Resources: Rivers & Streams Indiana State Parks & Reservoirs

Where is the restroom at West Boggs Park?

Restroom is located a short walking distance from the shelter. Bittersweet- Shelter is located near the boat ramp area. Shelter has electricity, water, large grill and restrooms. Persimmon- Located at the south end of the Park. Shelter is located near the lake, across from the restaurant.

How to rent a mobile home in West Boggs?

Please call us at 812-295-3421 or stop by our gatehouse for rental unit reservations. West Boggs Park offers a mobile home rental program featuring four units located in a lakefront setting. These units each include three bedrooms with double beds and are limited to six occupants.

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