Who is the best Zerg player?

Who is the best Zerg player?

Top Zerg Player Rankings for StarCraft: Brood War

Player ID Player Name
1. Jaedong Lee, Jae Dong
2. sAviOr Ma, Jae Yoon
3. July Park, Sung Joon
4. EffOrt Kim, Jung Woo

What is the highest MMR in SC2?

Grandmaster League

Rank Player MMR
1 Airman 6566
2 [KGH] eXaScaLe 6190
3 llllllllllll 6106
4 [PSISTM] Namshar 6060

Who is the best sc2 player 2020?

Clem 1447.

  • ByuN 1397.
  • Maru 1394.
  • Cure 1368.
  • Dark 1362.
  • Rogue 1353.
  • INnoVation 1343.
  • TY 1337.
  • Who is the best sc2 player of all time?

    Top 10 StarCraft II Players of All Time

    • Jung “Mvp” Jong Hyun.
    • Lee “Life” Seung Hyun.
    • Yun “TaeJa” Young Seo.
    • Jang “MC” Min Chul.
    • Choi “Polt” Seong Hun.
    • Lee “INnoVation” Shin Hyung.
    • Joo “Zest” Sung Wook.
    • Lim “NesTea” Jae Duk.

    What MMR is Diamond 1 2v2?

    Rank Distribution MMR for 2v2:

    Rank Rating
    Diamond 1 936
    Platinum 3 856
    Platinum 2 776
    Platinum 1 696

    How many active sc2 players are there?

    As an rough estimate, there’s another 250k co-op players, so 500k daily active players total.

    Who are the best Zerg players in the world?

    Scarlett is a 24-year-old Canadian Zerg player. She is currently playing for the Tollenz Lions and has been playing since the original Wings of Liberty. Scarlett plays Zerg efficiently. She uses Mutalisks to rush, having quick counter-attacks ready at all times.

    Who are the best players in the world?

    This event pursued the opening to the world, inviting more and more foreign players such as the famous German player TLO, the Swedish GSL-participant Terran player Jinro, and the Zerg Mastermind Sen. This event shook down the hierarchy of the top players.

    Who are the best Starcraft players in the world?

    Here is a list of the current top 5 StarCraft players in the world. 5. [Dopen] KeeN KeeN is a Terran player from South Korea. He is a part of Team RevolutioN and has countless wins and awards to his name. KeeN is an amazing player, debuting in the Code A tournament of GSL May.

    Who are the best Protoss players in the world?

    HellraiseR is a Protoss player from Ukraine. He has won #3,568 as of today. He has won tournaments in the Premier League and the Championship of Ukraine. He also won first with his team in the Russian StarCraft 2 Team League Season 11 and 12. He is currently playing for Iron Chain and holds a 1-2 score against HeroMarine. 3. Hurricane

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