How do you get a good pet in Flyff?

How do you get a good pet in Flyff?

Whenever a Pet gets 99.99% XP and is taken taken to a Pet Tamer and you complete his Quest with your Pet out, it will Level Up (Which will give your Pet more HP) and it’s Rank will go up. When your Pet gets its Rank up, it will give more of the Stat that it gives.

How do you get eggs in Flyff?

Eggs can drop from any monster whose level is above 20. After feeding it 50,000 pet feed, it will hatch into one of several pets.

How do I revive my pet in Flyff?

In order to revive a pet one must buy the “Scrolls of Pet Revival”. There are 3 different revival scrolls sold by the Cash Shop Seller. One for S Class pets, one for A Class pets and one for B Class pets. It is impossible to revive C or D class pets.

How do you get buff pet in Flyff?

With the introduction of V21 a drop filter screen will appear when you summon your pet. This will allow you to select which items your pickup/buff pet will pickup for you.

How do I get rid of pet blessing in FlyFF?

From FlyFF WIki Info: The Scroll of Pet Blessing (Pick-Up Pets) allows you to “bless” ordinary pick-up pets. No reversion required, simply use a new scroll to overwrite a blessing. You can visit any Pet Tamer to remove the blessing.

How do you awaken in FlyFF?

How to Awaken a Piece of Equipment. Scroll of Awakening. In the same manner as upgrading items: Double Click the Scroll and click on the items that is going to be awakened, and wait.

How do you hatch a pet in FlyFF?

The quest for hatching an egg requires that the Egg be fed 50,000 Pet Feed, and then brought to a Pet Tamer, where it will hatch into a random pet with a stat value of +1, 91 HP or 5 Attack depending on the Pet. CashShop items can be used to try and get a new pet breed or new stat value.

How do I feed my pet in FlyFF?

Creating Pet Feed Pet Feed is created at the Pet Tamer NPC using Quest Items dropped by monsters. The higher the level of monster that dropped the item, the more Pet Feed the item will create. The higher level the monster drop, the more Pet Feed it will make. Here is a table with the values of feed per quest item.

How do you remove blessings in Flyff?

Blessed items can not be traded, dropped, or placed in your bank. Visit (Jewel Manager) Peach in Flarine to remove the Blessing, for no cost.

How do I upgrade my armor in Flyff?

Armor Upgrading Old Style

  1. Make sure the armor that is being upgraded is not in use.
  2. (This step is recommended but not necessary).If you wish to use a Scroll of SProtect to keep your armor safe while upgrading.
  3. Double-click on the Sunstone.
  4. Click on the piece of armor that you wish to upgrade.

How do you make a stone of balance?

The Stone of Balance is acquired through crafting or in player shops….Stone of Balance

  1. Crystal of Order made through crafting.
  2. Chaos Gem made through extraction.
  3. Bareum Powder sold by NPC.
  4. Upgrade Spirit.

How do you upgrade Lusaka weapons?

To upgrade an Ultimate weapon, double-click on the Shining Oricalkum and then on the weapon you wish to upgrade. After a short time, the results of the upgrade will be shown: success or failure. If the upgrade fails, both the item and the Shining Oricalkum are lost.

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