What is French Silk Pie made of?

What is French Silk Pie made of?

French Silk Pie features an Oreo cookie crust, rich and creamy chocolate filling, and is topped with homemade whipped cream and chocolate shavings! No raw eggs.

Is it OK to eat raw eggs in French Silk Pie?

The pasteurization process uses heat to destroy bacteria like Salmonella and other viruses which means you can use raw eggs in this French Silk Pie recipe without any worry about getting sick.

Why is it called French Silk Pie?

Why Is It Called French Silk Pie This is actually an American pie recipe developed in the 1950s and it got its name from its smooth silky mousse-like filling.

Why is my French Silk Pie runny?

Mixing the filling too quickly could result in a runny consistency. Pour the pie filling into the cooked and cooled pie shell, smooth it out, cover and refrigerate at least 3 hours.

Is it safe to eat french silk pie?

A French Silk Pie without Raw Eggs; finally this delectable chocolate pie is safe to eat! Eating a slice of French Silk Pie without Raw Eggs is a richly rewarding endeavor; you must take the time to savor each incredible bite and enjoy the fruits of your labors!

What are the four types of pie?

There are four types of pies: cream, fruit, custard, and savory. A pie that contains cooked meat, poultry, seafood, or vegetables in a thick sauce. Examples: Pot pies, Quiche, and Sheppard pie.

Are French eggs safe to eat raw?

Raw and undercooked eggs are safe to eat when you practice good food hygiene. They are actually easier to digest than cooked eggs.

How long will a chocolate pie last in the fridge?

Freshly baked chocolate cream pie will keep for about 3 to 4 days in the fridge; refrigerate covered loosely with aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

What’s the best pie in the world?

The Most Popular Pies Around the World

  • Germany: Strawberry Pie.
  • South Korea: Tomato Pie.
  • Mexico: Pie de Limón (Lemon Pie)
  • Australia: No-Bake-Vegan French Silk Pie.
  • Spain: Apple Pie Chimichanga.
  • UK: Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie.
  • France: Zucchini, Goat Cheese and Honey Pie.
  • United States: Boston Cream Pie.

What’s the difference between French silk pie and chocolate mousse?

French silk pie, unlike the name suggests, is quite American. Word on the street is that it was the runner-up in the 1951 Pillsbury Bake-Off competition, but don’t hold me to that. At its core, French silk pie is just a chocolate mousse consisting of eggs, cream, chocolate, sugar, and butter.

What makes a French silk pie a silk pie?

At its core, French silk pie is just a chocolate mousse consisting of eggs, cream, chocolate, sugar, and butter. (The building blocks of life!) Its title is accurate: yes, this pie really does have the texture of silk, albeit delicious silk. This pie does have some characteristics worth mentioning.

How long do you bake a French silk pie?

Line shell with a double thickness of heavy-duty foil. Bake at 450° for 4 minutes. Remove foil; bake until crust is golden brown, about 2 minutes longer. Cool on a wire rack.

Can you make French silk pie without eggs?

So if you’re looking for a classic French silk pie recipe without raw eggs, this is it. Like my coconut cream pie, this French silk pie filling isn’t baked, so it requires a fully baked pie crust. “Blind baking” means that we bake a pie crust without a filling inside.

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