When did Aaron first kiss Aphmau?

When did Aaron first kiss Aphmau?

“Their First Kiss” is the 30th and final episode of MyStreet Phoenix Drop High.

Does Garroth like Aphmau?

Garroth confesses his feelings towards Aphmau, first with Aphmau confused and then abruptly kisses her.

Does Ein kiss Aphmau?

When that happened, Ein ran after her and when he caught up to her he grabbed her hand and as soon as Aphmau said that nobody likes her, he confesses his feelings to Aphmau and kissed her on the cheek, which made her feel better.

What episode does Aphmau kiss Zane?

cheek under the mistletoe
In Episode 11, Zane tries to ruin Christmas because he felt left out. While he is robbing Aphmau’s house, she comes downstairs and convinces him to stop with a present meant for him. In the same episode, Aphmau is seen kissing Zane on the cheek under the mistletoe (the other boys freaked out).

What happens when garroth and aphmau Kiss?

As the potion takes effect, Laurance has in fact switched places with Aphmau instead of Garroth, kissing him instead. The crowd cheers loudly, while Garroth and Laurance scream in terror. Dante, Travis, Kawaii~Chan, and Aphmau laugh in joy as they see the scene.

Who is the voice actor for garroth on aphmau?

Some MCD fans ship him with Laurance, along with the ship name Gaurance or Larroth, because in Autumn Side Stories Garroth had Laurance against the wall and started “flirting” with him, and they accidentally kissed on MyStreet Episode 20, The Play Part 3. Garroth’s voice actor is TheDragonHat.

Who was the first person to kiss aphmau?

Katelyn, the director of the play, is the only one to wear her regular attire throughout. At the end of the episode, Aphmau and Aaron are shown to be wearing their regular clothing. This marks the first official kiss of Aaron and Aphmau in MyStreet. This also marks the first accidental kiss of Laurance and Garroth.

Who are the main characters in aphmau’s mystreet?

Laurance is still in the Nether, and Aphmau, Garroth, and Katelyn do not see him again until Episode 2 of Season 3. The Side Stories [ edit | edit source ] Garroth is one of the main characters in Aphmau’s MyStreet series.

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