Do Florida residents get into Disney for free?

Do Florida residents get into Disney for free?

Florida Residents can save 40% on 4-Day Tickets and 30% on 3-Day Tickets compared to the non-Florida Resident price of a 3-Day or 4-Day Ticket. Florida Residents can save on 1-Day Tickets with Park Hopper Option, which offers 1-Day admission to multiple theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort!

What proof of residency does Disneyland accept?

This could be your California state-issued ID that shows a California address. Alternatively, if your Government-issued ID does not have a California address because you recently moved to California, we recommend bringing other documentation (such as mail) that shows your name and your California address.

Does Florida residents check Disney ID?

Children under the age of 18 do not have to show ID. In other words, Disney will need to ensure that you are a Florida resident before you can purchase and/or use a Florida Resident ticket/pass before you can use one.

Can Florida residents buy Disney tickets for out of state family?

There is currently not an option for Florida residents to purchase discounted tickets for family and friends over the age of 18 who live out of state.

Do Florida residents get a Disney discount?

Get Discounts as a Florida Resident. Florida residents get discounts on admission and passes into the Disney World parks. Residents need to show proof of a Florida residential address to get these discounts, which can save up to 30 percent on four-day tickets.

How do you get Florida resident Disney tickets?

To buy a Walt Disney World Florida Residents ticket, you must be resident in the state of Florida and will need to show valid Florida ID which can any of: Florida driver’s licence. Florida state-issued ID card (must have Florida address) Florida voter’s registration card with corresponding picture ID.

Where can you buy discounted Disney tickets?

More Ways to Get Discounts Disneyland specials: From time to time, Disney offers special discounts. Buy online – pick up at the ticket booth: Try online ticket seller Stick to one park a day: Reduced-price tickets called 1-Park per Day are less than a Park Hopper ticket.

When to buy tickets to Disney?

The best times to buy Disney tickets to save the most money Buy tickets before you go. Buy when your child is under three or under 10. Buy when you can stay multiple days. Buy when Disney is offering a special. Buy during “Value Days”

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