What is the story The Way to Rainy Mountain about?

What is the story The Way to Rainy Mountain about?

It is about the journey of Momaday’s Kiowa ancestors from their ancient beginnings in the Montana area to their final war and surrender to the United States Cavalry at Fort Sill, and subsequent resettlement near Rainy Mountain, Oklahoma.

What is the central idea presented in the introduction to The Way to Rainy Mountain?

One of the central ideas of the story is that as long as the memories and oral traditions are kept alive, the Kiowa culture won’t be lost. The author develops this central idea by weaving together various “voices”—legend, history, and personal memoir.

What is the theme of The Way to Rainy Mountain?

Throughout the book, Momaday emphasizes the importance of storytelling as a tool of Kiowa survival, and he meditates on the power of language to not only represent the world around him, but also to act in the world—for Momaday words can inspire emotions, they can create magic, and they are always powerful…

What is the central idea presented in the introduction to The Way to Rainy Mountain quizlet?

What is the central idea presented in the introduction to The Way to Rainy Mountain? The Kiowa people and their historical journey are intimately related to the land. It describes the connection between the Kiowa, the land, and their journey. You just studied 5 terms!

What is the structure of The Way to Rainy Mountain?

Narrative Structure The book is broken into 24 stories arranged into three sections, each with three divisions. The divisions are “The Setting Out,” “The Going On” and “The Closing In.” By structuring the book this way, Momaday emphasizes spiritual and physical journeys reflected in the content.

What is the importance of Rainy Mountain?

They were a nomadic people, and as Plains Indians, Rainy Mountain was an important location because it offered green vegetation on the southern plains year round. It sustained people, plants, and animals through tough winters.

How does the author use the introduction in The Way to Rainy Mountain?

The prologue acts as the introduction of the book. In it, he details the historical background of the Rainy Mountain, how it came to be named and how the Kiowa tribe had come to this place. The introduction provides an insight into the physical setting of the Rainy Mountain.

Where is the Rainy Mountain?

Rainy Mountain is a rounded hill standing northwest apart from the main Wichita Mountains in Kiowa County, Oklahoma. It was a prominent landmark for the Plains Indians on the southern plains.

Who is Momaday’s audience in The Way to Rainy Mountain?

The subject is Momaday reconnecting with his grandmother, and telling about the way of life of the Kiowa Indians. The audience of this book is anyone who is from Native American descent. Also, anyone who is knowledgeable about the migration and way of life of indians might be the audience of this book.

Is the Way to Rainy Mountain a short story?

The Way to Rainy Mountain is a memoir—and a nontraditional one at that. It is at once a history of the Kiowa people, a love letter to the plains landscape, a collection of memories of N.

Why does momaday return there?

In The Way to Rainy Mountain, Rainy Mountain is a feature of the natural landscape that has deep historical, cultural, and religious significance to the Kiowa people. Momaday returns there because he wants to be at the grave of his grandmother, who recently passed away.

What’s the summary of the way to Rainy Mountain?

The Way to Rainy Mountain Summary. In the first section, for instance, Momaday narrates the Kiowa creation myth that the tribe emerged into the world from a hollow log, and then contextualizes the myth by describing the bleak conditions of Kiowa life before they migrated to the southern plains.

What does Momaday mean by the way to Rainy Mountain?

Momaday suggests a spiritual element to this landscape, saying that to look at it in the morning is to “lose the sense of proportion.” The landscape activates the imagination and raises the thought that “this is where Creation was begun.”

How did Aho grow up in the way to Rainy Mountain?

Aho grew up surrounded by the mood of defeat and a general sense of brooding. Here, Momaday begins to suggest the great importance of older people: they literally carry history within them.

What happens to the Kiowas in the way to Rainy Mountain?

These sections loosely track the major arc of Kiowa history: the Kiowas begin to migrate towards the southern plains from western Montana, the Kiowas become rulers of the southern plains and experience a golden era, and the Kiowas are defeated by the U.S. military and their culture goes into decline.

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